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Hydraulic coolers customised to your application!

Our team of engineers have the skillset to customise your ASA Hydraulik, Sesino or Hydac air blast coolers to your application!

Not sure which air blast cooler best suits your application?

Use air-blast coolers when you need to lower heat with flowing air. Ideal for applications where no contamination or carrion may occur, these air blast coolers also lower running costs (air is free!) and simplify maintenance.

Use water-cooled systems to remove heat with cold water. These hydraulic coolers offer quiet, compact operation while not increasing the room temperature. Although the costs associated with rising water temperature and water itself need to be considered, the heated water can be reused!

Efficient and economical air-blast coolers:

The advantages of the air blast coolers include stable cooling (and filtration) performance irrespective of variations in flow and duty for the main hydraulic circuit. This allows the air blast cooler to be sized to suit the heat load and not the maximum return line flow of the main circuit.

A further advantage is that the off-line air blast cooler is completely isolated from surge pressures in the return line that can potentially damage the cooler.

  • Lower emission levels for environmentally-friendly applications
  • Less floor space thanks to its compact designs
  • Minimal noise levels for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Reduced fuel consumption for cost-sensitive applications

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