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Hydraulic tensioner features

In addition to constant product development that ensures we provide the most appropriate hydraulic bolt tensioning tools and tensioning equipment for your unique requirements, our range offers the following features:

  • Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges
  • SRT tool load: 280 – 2 500 KN
  • MRT tool load: 160 – 3 200 KN
  • Max tool pressure: 1 500 bar
  • SRT prevents over-extension with over-stroke eliminator
  • MRT tool variety provides coverage from 24 to 100 mm

A fully-enclosed load cell design on the manual return bolt tensioners ensure that debris cannot enter the piston retraction mechanism, and the entire range is compatible with those in the spring return bolt tensioner range.

Hytec South Africa is the largest supplier of hydraulic systems and components in Africa, including hydraulic maintenance tools, which incorporate our range of bolting solutions.

Get a bolt tensioner for your specific application requirements, contact Hytec today.

Complementary bolting solutions

In addition to its comprehensive range bolt tensioners, Hytec Group sources, stocks and supplies additional bolting solutions. These are:

  • Nut Splitters: 2 variations in this range. The hydraulic nut splitter with a 15 & 25-ton model that reduces the risk of bolt damage via a unique dial-in feature; and the ENS hydraulic nut splitter with a triple-edged replaceable cutting blade.

  • Torque Wrenches: this range of hydraulic torque wrenches is made up of low clearance, square drive and high cycle torque wrenches. Low clearance models have a long neck and small radius that allows for bolt fastening and torqueing in difficult to access areas. The high cycle variant caters for up to 50 000 operating cycles and the square drive version enables faster, high strength torqueing.

  • Torque Wrench Pumps: electrically powered torque wrench pumps and torque wrench pumps for air make up this range. The former can be used on single- and double-acting tools and the latter has the advantage of air as a power source.