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The bottle jack difference

Telescoping bottle jacks

Sometimes called a high lift jack, this range provides all capabilities of conventional bottle jacks but with a super-long stroke, eliminating the need to lift, crib and lift. In most applications, the lift can be completed after a single jack placement.

  • Time saving
  • Low clearance capability
  • Reduces piston side-loading with bevelled base for jack to follow the load laterally when lifting
Low profile bottle jacks

Specifically designed for lower clearance jobs, this bottle jack incorporates all features and lifting capacities of standard jacks, but in short form.

  • Added versatility from screw extensions
  • Operates vertically and horizontally
  • Meet ASME B30.1 standards
2 to 110-ton bottle jacks

Designed for both lifting and pushing applications in the industrial sector and includes screw extensions for use in vertical, angled or horizontal positions. The range includes a 20 ton bottle jack.

  • Reduces the chance of side-loading with a bevelled base
  • Stable, safer lifting from serrated/contoured saddles
  • Carries the Power Team Marathon Life Warranty

Sidewinder Mini Jack

Retracted height of just 63,5 mm for the smallest jack and 130,2 mm for the 20 ton version.

  • Jacks operate either horizontally or vertically. Handles function in line with base for easier use in confined spaces
  • Can be used as a jack or a spreader
  • Use it to turn your mechanical gear puller into a hydraulic puller
Hytec is your preferred bottle jack supplier in South Africa and southern Africa. Contact them today.

Additional information on our bottle jacks

In addition to Hytec’s range of Power Team bottle jacks, the range includes toe jacks; and other jacks and jack maintenance solutions.

Toe Jacks

The range allows users access under equipment with 27 mm ground clearance only. It includes toe jacks and economy toe jacks, both at economical pricing. There are 2 variations in this niche range.

Read more about your Hytec toe jack

Other Jacks & Jack Maintenance

Smooth lowering and reduced bounce from Hytec’s portable high tonnage jacks, inflatable jacks using water or non-explosive gas, single and double acting post-tension and stressing jacks, sidewinder mini jacks and maintenance sets make up this range.

Receiving your bottle jacks

Customers outside of South Africa, but residing within the sub-continent southern Africa, also have access to the Group’s world-leading hydraulic, pneumatic and automation product ranges. These are available via the Group’s Operations and Distribution Centres located throughout Africa. All 24 brands offered by the Group, as well as every solution-based service that the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies provides, are distributed continent-wide.

Hydraulic jacks and how they operate

Hydraulic jack parts and workings

Hydraulic jacks have 6 primary components – reservoir, pump, check valve, main cylinder, piston, and release valve.

  • Hydraulic fluid is contained in the reservoir
  • Fluid from the reservoir is drawn by the pump and pushed through the check valve
  • The check valve allows the fluid from the reservoir into the main cylinder
  • The piston is forced upward as the cylinder fills with fluid

The release valve opens for the piston to return to the start position, releasing the pressure, and fluid returns to the reservoir

The operating principles

Hydraulic jacks operate on a two-cylinder system, so their workings are based on the Pascal Principle. This principle states that pressure in a closed container will be the same at all points.

By connecting 2 cylinders and applying force to the smaller of the 2 cylinders using liquid to push against the piston, the larger cylinder will receive the same amount of pressure as that of the smaller cylinder.

However, as an increase in area means an increase in force, so the force in the larger cylinder will be much more than that in the smaller cylinder.

Our hydraulic jacks are manufactured exclusively by Power Team, a worldwide supplier of hydraulic and mechanical tools, and fully supported across sub-Saharan Africa by Hytec. A range of jack designs are available, which provide reliable and robust solutions for lifting, pushing and spreading applications in Africa’s mining, construction and industrial sectors.

Benefits of a hydraulic jack

  • Lift from 1 to 110 tons
  • Access openings as narrow as 25.4 mm
  • Maintenance kits allow onsite adjustment and upkeep of your hydraulic jack accessories
  • Portable models to site
The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to sub-Saharan Africa!