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Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Dabeb-Elram DEA electro-hydraulic actuators are self-contained providing a vibration-free operation. They are weather-proof and all parts are replaceable.

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DEA electro-hydraulic actuator operating principle 


The electric motor is close coupled to a gear pump, which is connected to a hydraulic control block. This block has 2 adjustable pressure relief valves and 2 adjustable flow screws, independent of each other, allowing the flexibility in terms of thrust and speed. The control block pipework connects to a hydraulic cylinder. All of the items listed above, with the exception of the electric motor, are encased in a steel tube which acts as the oil reservoir. The unit is completely sealed from the outside by using a series of “IO” rings, which prevent contamination.

The actuators’ plug-n-play functionality reduces the need for client commissioning time and their compact design allows for a very close mounting solution to practically any linear application.

All electro-hydraulic actuators in this range are accompanied with a one year OEM warranty, which is upheld by the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies. Dabeb-Elram also offers full repair and refurbishment of its electro-hydraulic actuators, regardless of their age or condition.

The DEA range of actuators has become a unique, universally accepted and versatile electro-hydraulic product. The range is available from the Bosch Rexroth SA Group of Companies’ network of 35 branches throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


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