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Air Preparation Equipment

Complete range of reservoirs, pressure gauges and maintenance units and components. Includes AS1 maintenance units. 

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Pneumatic Connection Technology

Includes Aventics fitting accessories, rotary joints, couplings, plastic tubing, compressed air guns and push-in fittings. 

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Directional Pneumatic Valves

Aventics manufactures a range of compact, lightweight mechanically, pneumatically and electrically operated valves.

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Valve Terminal Systems

Valve terminal systems from Aventics are highly reliable, expandable, compact solutions specially designed for the food processing and other industries.

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Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders offer heavy and mobile machinery superior reliability and efficiency. Aventics cylinders handling small or large loads up to 5 tons!

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Flow and Check Valves

Aventics’ reliable flow and check valves create functionally optimised pneumatic systems, with a variety of function fittings and accessory valves.

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Additional info:


Aventics Directional Pneumatic Valves:


  • Mechanically Operated Valves: Comprising the Series CD04, Series CD07, Series AP, Series ST and Series 563 018 / 563 131, these Aventics valves are compact and lightweight with airflow up to 900 l/min.
  • Pneumatically Operated Valves: This Aventics range of directional valves is made up of standard pneumatically operated and normal-pneumatic valves with airflow up to 900 l min.
  • Electrically Operated Valves: A range of electrical operated and normal electrical valves from Aventics that operate in very low to very high temperature ranges.

Aventics Air Preparation Equipment:


  • Reservoirs: Compressed air tanks from Aventics that features a 1 to 90 litre capacity and is suitable for 11 bars of compressed air.
  • Pressure gauges and maintenance units: a range of 16 pressure gauges from standard measuring applications to measuring pre-filters and micro-filters for pneumatic and air preparation applications.
  • Components: Comprises AS1, 2 & 3 and AS5 maintenance units as well as MH1 and MU1 maintenance units

Aventics Pneumatic Connection Technology: 


  • Plastic tubing: This range comprises Aventics Series TU1 polyethylene plastic tubing, Series TU1 PTFE plastic tubing, Series TU1 polyurethane plastic tubing, and Series TU1 PVC plastic tubing.
  • Compressed air guns: Constructed from high-quality polyamide, this Aventics air gun can be used with nozzles or extension tubes, application-determined.
  • Push-in fittings: This range comprises the Aventics QR1 Mini Series push-in fittings and QR1 Series push-in fittings.
  • Fitting accessories: incorporates Aventics distributors and distributor strips, pneumatic seals and blanking screws and connectors
  • Rotary joints: In addition to compressed air, Aventics rotary joints can be used to convey water and other fluids.
  • Couplings: Aventics Series CP1 couplings are designed for high-performance, leak-free pneumatic systems.

Aventics Flow and Check valves: 


  • Logic Valves: A comprehensive range of Aventics logic valves including pneumatic counter, pneumatic pulse generator, Series 551 directional valve, shuttle valves, twin pressure valves.
  • Quick Exhaust Valve: These specialised Aventics supplies the valves allow quick air evacuation into the atmosphere.
  • Non Return Valves: An Aventics range comprising the NR01, NR02 and QR1 Non Return Valves.
  • Throttle Valves: CH01 and CH02 throttle valves from Aventics make up this range, which have a minimum and maximum working pressure of 0 to 10 bar and 0 to 16 bar respectively.
  • Check Choke Valves: 2 in this Aventics range, the CC01 and CC04 check choke valves have housings that are configured for each particular application.

Aventics Pneumatic Cylinders:


  • Rotary Actuators: The range comprises Aventics Rack & Pinion and Rotary Wing Drive rotary actuators, which provide exceptional reliability in any rotary-to-linear pneumatic system.
  • Piston Rods: This Aventics range comprises compact cylinders, double piston cylinders, guide cylinders, profile cylinders, round cylinders and tie rod cylinders.
  • Rodless Cylinders: a comprehensive range of rodless cylinders comprising Aventics GSU, RTC and CKP rodless cylinders.

Aventics Valve Terminal Systems:


  • Standard valve systems: This Aventics range includes the ISO 5599-1 series 581 Size 1 through to Size 4. It also includes valve carrier systems, an AV range of lightweight valve systems and the Clean Line range of valve systems for hygienic and wet applications.
  • Valve systems: Comprises the Aventics AV03 and AV05 Pneumatic Valve Systems as well as the Clean Line Pneumatic Valves – Series CL03.


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