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Hägglunds drives available from Bosch Rextroth

Hägglunds Drive System

A Hägglunds hydraulic system is a combination of a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic unit. It offers high flexibility, excellent control and minimal service requirements and can be installed in small spaces.

  • Full control of speed & torque
  • Simple configuration
  • A robust design for reliability
  • Resilience in demanding environments
  • Gearbox free with a direct shaft-mounts
  • Drive unit freely placed for flexible installation
Hägglunds drive systems consists of Hägglunds drives and units

Hägglunds Hydraulic Motors

Hägglunds hydraulic motors are recognised as powerful, reliable, and compact drive solutions.We supply a range of state-of-the-art radial piston motors that provide exceptional quality and reliability in tough industrial and marine applications.

  • Displacement from 508 to 380 178 cm¾/rev
  • Specific torque: 20 to 6 000 Nm/bar
  • Max. torque: 1 970 kNm
  • Max. operating pressure: 350 bar
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Get your hydraulic drive units from Hägglunds Rexroth

Hydraulic Drive Units

Hägglunds hydraulic units are fully function tested prior to delivery and incorporate Hägglunds Spider – the OEM's monitoring and control system.
These drive units are easy to install with a range of flexible mounting options.

  • High-delivery performance
  • Customisable configurations for your applications
  • Compact designs for small spaces
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Remote monitoring & IoT features
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Hägglunds Accessories


Hägglunds torque arms & brackets
Double ended torque arms
Valves & manifolds for each Hägglunds motor series
Protective cover for Hägglunds VI motors
Speed encoders & attachments
Parking lock unit for Hägglunds VI motors
Brakes for Hägglunds CA & CB motors
Bearing & motor brackets for Hägglunds VI motors
Brake assemblies for Hägglunds Vl motors


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End-To-End Hägglunds Services


Hägglunds Rexroth offers comprehensive services

Field Services

With 22 global service centres, we offer quick and reliable technical support, commissions, installation, on-site troubleshooting or support with retrofits to optimise your performance.

We maintain, repair and replace hagglunds hydraulic drives

Repairs & Spare Parts

With specialised tools and processes in our factory-certified facility, we repair hydraulic systems, motors, units and accessories. We also supply Hägglunds spare parts and accessories worldwide with extended warranty options.

View our extended services for your hagglunds hydraulic drives requirements

Extended Services

We offer hydraulic drive system training, customisations, technical support, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Hägglunds Industries and Applications


Hägglunds drives can be used in mining industries

Mining & Materials

  • High starting torque
  • Shock load protection
  • Withstands tough environments

Sugar industries make use of Hägglunds dension


  • Shaft mounted
  • Excellent controllability
  • Full torque throughout speed range

Hägglunds drives such as Hägglunds ca50 can be found in recycling


  • High Starting torque
  • High torque & low speed
  • Explosion proof


Hägglunds hydraulic drives and  Hägglunds filters are ideal for rubber industries


  • Excellent controllability
  • Rapid start & stop
  • Full torque throughout speed range

This industru makes use of Hägglunds drives ab and Hägglunds hydraulic drives


  • High starting torque
  • High torque & low speed
  • Explosion proof

Hägglunds ca140 are Hägglunds drives that are typically used for this industry

Marine & Offshore

  • Full torque throughout speed range
  • Unlimited starts & stops
  • Compact


Hägglunds Distribution in Africa


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Hägglunds products are supplied, supported and serviced across Africa.

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