Research and development at Hy-Pro:

Hy-Pro Filtration combines global research and development with decades of experience in the hydraulics industry. This enables it to address and implement solutions that solve industry-wide hydraulic and lube oil and diesel fuel problems. Primary solutions from Hy-Pro Filtration include:

  • Hydraulic filter element upgrades for lower ISO codes
  • Gearbox filtration upgrades that prevent gearbox failure
  • Lube oil varnish prevention and removal to stop unit trips
  • Non-spark discharge elements to prevent thermal degradation
  • Phosphate ester fluid maintenance strategies
  • Diesel fuel conditioning extend injector life

Hytec logistics and support:

Hy-Pro Filtration products are available in sub-Sahanara Africa through HFT, part of the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies. The Group has an extensive network of 35 branches across southern Africa, ensuring parts availability and product support.

HFT manages the entire, interlinking supply chain, ensuring faster delivery and increased delivery capability.

We understand your operation’s needs! With the ability to deliver even the most specialised parts with short lead times, we’ll help you maximise uptime for increased profitability.

Speak to HFT today to find out more about Hy-Pro Filtration’s range of products. Send us an enquiry.