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Orbitrol Steering Valves

M+S Hydraulic has refined its range of orbitrol steering valves to provide best-in-class steering precision and improved reliability. 

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Low Speed High Torque Motors

Low speed high torque motors with a max. displacement of 801 cm3/rev and a 240 litres per minute oil flow.

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M+S Hydraulic orbitrol steering valves:

Steering Valve Block: M+S Hydraulic has developed, tested and approved a complete range of valve blocks for superior protection of a hydraulic circuit.

Torque Amplifiers (Type UVM): The M+S Hydraulic UVM torque amplifiers amplify the applied torque to the control shaft and enable up to 1.1 kW (1.47 HP) performance.

Steering Columns (Type KK): Steering columns for hydraulic machinery from M+S Hydraulic are designed for over 100 kilograms of axial load – providing greater control and reliability.

Priority Valves (Designed for HKUS/5): Flow tracing and distribution with the M+S hydraulic priority valve helps improve a vehicle's performance with leading manufacturing quality.

Hydrostatic Steering Valves: With 7 models to choose from, the M+S Hydraulic range of hydrostatic steering valves is ideal for small, medium and large vehicles.

M+S Hydraulic low speed and high torque motors:

M+S Hydraulic range of low torque and high speed motors is renowned globally for their high performance in a range of applications.

With pressure ratings up to 350 bar, this range from M+S Hydraulic is suited for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Feeding mechanism of robots and manipulators
  • Metal working machines
  • Textile machines
  • Food industries
  • Agriculture machines
  • Mining machinery



M+S Hydraulic products are available throughout sub-Saharan Africa through HAW. Contact us today on +27 11 281 3800 or fill out the form.