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Bladder Type

Get a range of sizes & specs. with pressures up to 690 bar. Avail. in stainless steel & standard materials. Easy to mount & maintain.  

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Diaphragm Type

With working pressures up to 350 bar & capacity up to 3.5 L, your operation will benefit from max. quality & performance.

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Piston accumulators
Piston Type

Delivering high working pressures of up to 350 bar & max. diameters of 360 mm, alongside temp. from -20° to 60°C.

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Charging Kits

Ideal for charging your bladder or piston accumulators with nitrogen for testing or adjusting pressures.

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Support brackets
Support Brackets

Simplify assembly & storage while extending your accumulator’s versatility, with our brackets, clamps & mounting sets.

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Additional info:


A closer look at Olaer accumulators

Olaer bladder type accumulator features

  • Wide range of materials, bladders, coatings
  • Adaptation to low and high temperatures
  • Adapts to different fluids
  • Wide pressure range
  • Bladders have very high impermeability grade
  • Prevents disassembly while under pressure
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Adaptable high flow fluid ports
  • Flanged fluid ports for connection to manifold block
  • Adaptable into transfer system

Olaer piston type accumulator features:

  • Adaptation to high temperature
  • Adaptable in transfer system
  • Piston position indicator
  • Very high compression ratio
  • Customised capacity
  • Prevents disassembly while under pressure


Olaer diaphragm type accumulator features:

  • High compression ration P2/P0
  • Instantaneous response time
  • Can be mounted by any positions
  • Non repairable
  • Limited maintenance
  • Compact

Olaer charging kit features:

Charging kits from Olaer are used to inflate, check, top-up or vent the nitrogen gas pre-charge in all accumulators. To use the charger, it must be screwed to the gas valve and connected to the gas regulator that fits the nitrogen bottles.

Olaer support brackets features:

Olaer support brackets form part of the Olaer accessory range, and are designed to fit perfectly to Olaer accumulators. They meet the latest regulations and are compliant with the CETOP standards.


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