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Hydraulic tools valves

Remote-mounted valves, pump-mounted valves & in-line valves, each with various model valves for any application.

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Hydraulic tools cylinders

Single- & double-acting cylinders constructed from solid steel or aluminium. Ideal for use with medium- to extreme-duty applications.

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Hydraulic & Mechanical Tools

From splitting concrete to testing hydraulic equipment, this range of tools increases productivity in heavy-duty applications.

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Bearing maintenance
Bearing Maintenance

Achieve precise positioning & exceptional grip with puller sets, pullers & tools designed for heavy-duty applications up to 100 tons.

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Hydraulic tools jacks

Precise and reliable lifting solution capable of lifting up to 110 tons. Portable versions with own maintenance set also included. 

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Hydraulic tools pumps

Compact single and double-speed hydraulic pumps with improved efficiency that deliver high oil volumes at low pressures for heavy-duty applications.

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Workshop maintenance equipment
Workshop Maintenance Equipment

Improve efficiency with faster maintenance and repairs with lifting, pressing and moving workpieces up to 200 tons.

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Hydraulic maintenance accessories
Hydraulic Maintenance Accessories

Improve performance, reliability and productivity with couplers, hydraulic fluids, gauges, hoses, manifolds and 700-bar fittings that provide max. support.

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Industry Solutions from Power Team:


Power Team’s high-force products are used at power plants and on ocean- and land-based oil platforms.

You’ll also find Power Team in the renewable energy industry, where its hydraulic pumps, bolting products and accessories are used in the on-site assembly of wind turbines.



Across the demanding environments of the construction industry, Power Team hydraulic pumps, rams, tensioning jacks, torque wrenches and other solutions are providing reliable solutions behind the scenes so that construction companies can achieve greater engineering capabilities and enjoy maximum productivity and profitability.

You’ll find Power Team in residential and commercial construction sites, bridge building and repair, wind turbine construction and maintenance, shipbuilding and more.

They’re used in application like post-tensioning, pre-stressing, structure jacking or lifting and positioning.


Mining and Quarrying

Power Team tools have a reputation for robust, reliable and safe operation – even in the most difficult and demanding underground mining environments!

Maintenance and Repair (MRO)

Heavy lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, spreading and holding: these are applications that Power Team tools are designed for and excel in.

The company’s pumps, cylinders, mechanical tools and accessories are helping operators with the most challenging plant maintenance and production tasks.



A number of Power Team tools are used in the heavy service and maintenance work of the rail industry, lifting, pushing and pulling wherever they’re needed. Hydraulic and electric pumps and jacks, hydraulic rams and high-tonnage air and portable jacks are widely used.

Power Team even has rail-specific tool variations, such as the universal axle journal roller bearing puller / installer, which is used to remove and install axle journal roller bearings.

Its rail stressing power pack was specifically designed for opening rail-stressing jacks.

Power Team is committed to quality

The Power Team brand maintains maximum quality standards across the design, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service of its product range.

The company channels innovation, efficiency and an in-depth multi-industry knowledge in striving for continuous product quality improvement, customer satisfaction and total cost reduction.

POWERTHON™ Lifetime Warranty

Parts and products warranted by the POWERTHON™ Lifetime Warranty are protected from manufacturing defects for their normal use lifespan.

This is defined as that point in time when it no longer functions properly and safely due to normal wear, thus excluding abused, heated, worn or otherwise altered parts. In such circumstance, Power Team will replace or repair such defective components, at its option.

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