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Settima pumps are used in:


Hydraulic Power

The ideal solution for all applications requiring hydraulic power, our hydraulic power products delivering high pressure, no vibration and high precision.


Protecting gears from wear and corrosion, reducing friction and transferring heat away from the moving machine parts, these pumps operate over a wide range of temperatures and viscosities.


Cooling products range from compact fan refrigeration units, ideal for small, simple circuits to chillers for the dissipation of larger heat quantities.



From fine filters to oil purifiers, our pumps are used globally, as highly efficient components for purification systems, and in equipment for controlling oil contamination levels from particles, water and other degradation products.


Ideal for transfer application, Settima pumps are available in a wide flow range suitable to handle a vast variety of hydraulic fluids at high / low temperature and viscosity, according to customer requirements.

Oil Jacking

Generating a lubrication film between shaft and bearing, our jacking oil ensures an ideal hydrodynamic oil wedge to prevent bearing damage and breakdown. 


About Settima


Settima Meccanica a leading manufacturer of no noise pumps, both for low- and high-pressure applications, has experience across various industries and a large product portfolio.

Focusing on customer requirements, Settima invented their new range of helical rotor external gear pumps, Continuum®, which went on to become world-renowned.  

Settima ensures the optimal flow of materials and constant customer support, with a complete network of selected and qualified suppliers, all ISO 9002 certified.

High precision machining is the core of Settima’s production system.


Engineering Capabilities & Flexibility
  • Strong engineering capabilities & co-design support
  • Customised solutions
  • Fast response & time to market
  • Customer application solutions
  • Technical sales support
High Quality, Exceptional Reliability
  • Cutting edge design & manufacturing technologies
  • State of the art testing equipment & processes
  • Long term partnership
  • Customer support throughout product life cycle
  • Product reliability guaranteed 




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