SPX FLOW Bolting Systems:


SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is a leading US manufacturer of controlled, high-powered bolting solutions, with a product offering comprising wrenches, pumps, motors and tensioners that provide best-in-class reliability for cost-effective bolting applications.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is a complete one-stop-shop for your bolt-working equipment requirements and is available in sub-Saharan Africa through the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies.



Specialists in flange management, including infrastructure construction, operations and maintenance, SPX FLOW Bolting Systems enhances the safety and productivity of your projects.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is the result of the merger between SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies and Torque Tension Systems Ltd, which allowed the company to combine optimum high pressure hydraulic power packs with a global leader in torque and tensioning tool manufacturers.

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