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Tan Delta online oil condition monitoring sensor.
Oil Condition Analysis Sensors

Detect & measure oil wear & contamination on industrial machinery & equipment in real time with an accuracy margin of 0.001%.

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Display solutions that complement oil analysis condition monitoring.
Oil Condition Analysis Display Solutions

Receive advanced real-time analytics that deliver accurate, clear information on system oil health in real time on an easy-to-view display monitor.

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Modems & gateways for Tan Delta OCM sensors.
Oil Quality Gateways & Modems

Easily view online asset health status, incorporates location monitoring & alerting for a wide variety of applications. Pack makes for easy installation.

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Sensor kits for lubricant analysis condition monitoring with oil.
Oil Condition Analysis Sensor Kits

3 kits in range for quick & easy installations of OQSx-G2, includes portable Mobile Oil Tester Kit, sensor display & installation cables.

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The oil condition monitoring market benefits from Tan Delta OCM sensors.
Oil Condition Accessories & Services

To support the implementation & use of Tan Delta sensor products, accessories include intelligent data displays; loggers; modems; apps; cables & manifolds.

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Our capabilities

Our customers range from the largest engine manufacturers to small single equipment operators all around the world. With years of experience, we have proven knowledge and know-how of real time oil conditioning monitoring and analysis for all types of equipment across all industries.

All our core technologies and products are developed inhouse and manufactured by carefully selected partners. We provide a high level of support to all our customers on various requirements, from systems engineering to advising on mass scale rollout logistics.



Our OCM technologies


Oil condition sensor from Tan Delta monitors oil & provides results in real time.

FSH Core Technology

Full Spectrum Holistic (FSH™) core technology is a fusion of real time oil condition analysis and analytics working together to create a single sensor solution.

The electro-chemical properties of oil are analysed in real time, to an accuracy of 0.001%. This means users get a continuous stream of very high quality raw data, with analytics that provides deep insight on the real status of oil & equipment.


Advanced Fault Detection™

Advanced Fault Detection™ (AFD) alerts plant managers or operators at any sign of any possible issue that might cause equipment failure or damage.

Using this technology, plant managers can implement targeted, strategic interventions, reducing breakdowns and increasing equipment longevity.

Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation™

Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation™ (DMO) means plant operators / managers can easily optimise maintenance schedules to equipment need.

DMO helps identify optimal maintenance schedules for equipment safely & accurately, enabling efficient advanced planning, increased service intervals, reduced costs & less equipment down time.


HFT is committed to oil condition and monitoring


In 2021, HFT introduced Tan Delta to its range of oil condition monitoring offering. Tan Delta manufactures oil condition analysis sensors that detect & measure wear & contamination in any oil type in any equipment.

  • Used on any active equipment, including gearboxes, engine, hydraulics & electrical-insulating
  • Used in industries from shipping & mining to power generation to automotive
  • Easy to install
  • Easily integrated with existing systems



Contact HFT on +27 11 976 7300 to find our more about Tan Delta Oil Condition Analysis Technology.