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Steel Tube &

Blanking, elbow, flange, reducer, straight and stud fittings and nuts are engineered with high-grade steel, increasing performance and service life. 

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Hydraulic Hose Accessories

A range of high-quality, durable Minimess hose and 6 gauge fittings cater for a wide range of hydraulic tools and machinery.

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 Walterscheid steel tube and fittings:


  • Walterscheid Hydraulic Steel & Stainless Steel Tube: constructed from robust seamless grade 316L steel, suited to wide ranges of industrial and mobile applications.
  • Walterscheid Stud Fittings: Designed to cater to almost any application requirements, from low and medium to high and extreme pressure ranges.
  • Walterscheid Straight Fittings: Facilitates long-lasting performance for hydraulic hoses, used to connect hose assemblies to ports or adapters. Manufactured to exceed industrial specification requirements.
  • Walterscheid Reducer Fittings: Aids with long-lasting performance when connecting pipes have different diameter sizes.



  • Walterscheid Nuts: Known as the “ultimate” in hydraulic fittings in terms of grip and temperature resistance.
  • Walterscheid Flange Fittings: Consisting of specialised internal and external raised rims from extra grip.
  • Walterscheid Elbow Fittings: Tailored for instances where two lengths of pipe or tubing require adjoining at 45° or 90° angles. 22.5° angle elbows from Walterscheid also available.
  • Walterscheid Blanking Fittings: Comprising BlankingPlug and BlankingPlugMetric steel tube fittings.

Supported throughout sub-Saharan Africa:


The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies provides world leading pneumatic, hydraulic and automation technology to sub-Saharan Africa, including Walterscheid products.

Our hydraulic solutions come standard with an extensive range of accessories, aftersales support and short lead times.

Hydraulic hose accessories:


Minimess Hose & Walterscheid Gauge Fittings: Comprises the Minimess hose with an easy-to-use range of gauge fittings that are ideal for hydraulic tools and machinery. There are 6 gauge fittings in Hytec’s Walterscheid range.

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