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The advantages of cartridge valve systems:

The cartridge-design approach offers several advantages over systems fitted with individual valve components. These include:

  • The combination of many functions into a single manifold saves space and weight. When compared to conventional line-mounted systems, cartridge valve systems occupy only 10% to 20% as much volume. This space and weight reduction also results in substantial energy savings.
  • On many systems, the cost of a custom cartridge valve package — if built in sufficient quantities — could be less than that of a system with individually fitted components.
  • Because a cartridge valve package eliminates many connections, system leakage potential is reduced.
  • Cartridge valve packages eliminate interconnecting lines and fittings and lead to higher overall system efficiencies. In most cases, a cartridge valve package can be mounted directly on an actuator or pump, where it will be most effective in performing its functions.
  • Cartridge valves are simply mounted and connected. Due to their compact design, cartridge valve packages can be mounted where they are less susceptible to external damage.
  • Cartridge valve packages are reliable and easy to maintain. Cartridge valves can be removed and replaced quickly.

Custom-designed cartridge packages:

A manifold with at least one cartridge valve may be considered to be a valve package. Often, the manifold would have to be custom designed for a specific application or function. Bosch Rexroth valve packages contain some or all of the control valves for a hydraulic system. Custom-designed valve packages offer several advantages in mobile and industrial equipment applications.

A custom cartridge valve package can consist of:

  • a single cartridge installed in a manifold that has been designed to fit a specific mounting configuration
  • a manifold containing multiple cartridge valves performing some or all functions in a complete hydraulic control system

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