HYSA – delivering your goods 


HYSA retains control of all orders by making use of shipping companies that either fall within, or are affiliated to, the Group. HYSA’s relationship with Freitan, one of the largest independent clearing and forwarding agents in South Africa and member of the Tesuco Group of Companies, a joint shareholder of Bosch Rexroth South Africa ZGroup of Companies, facilitates better services and negotiations when required, and special services requests are accommodated more easily.  

HYSA also makes use of its Hamburg-based sister company Hytec Logistik, which is responsible for shipping arrangements. Other logistics companies and courier service companies are also used by HYSA to ensure they fulfil all delivery requirements.

HYSA training 


HYSA conducts continual product training on Bosch Rexroth products at HYSA’s Johannesburg offices or at Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies branches if requested.

In addition, HYSA provides technical support to the Group on a continuous basis and, when required, liaises with Bosch Rexroth in Germany and other international partners.

HYSA ensures that all acquired information is communicated to the Group.

HYSA – your logistics specialists 


HYSA is the important link between “the factory and the pipe-works” and everything in between – logistically speaking. To ensure fast, timeous delivery of products to its customers, HYSA provides an external support network to 16 branches in South Africa, 7 branches in Africa, 4 distributors in strategic countries and numerous resellers in sub-Saharan Africa.

HYSA, as a logistics specialist, continuously explores new growth potential in emerging markets with a view to increasing its African footprint.

HYSA forecasts many of its customers’ current and future needs based on a complex sales matrix, and the shortest possible delivery time to HYSA’s warehouses is guaranteed.

HYSA’s process of ordering required products is conducted either via email or directly into suppliers’ systems via e-shop. HYSA ensures that back order and expediting order reports are created via an advanced software programme.

To ensure all information is correct, a HYSA- specific shared filing system for purchase orders and shipments is used. This means that all parties involved, HYSA itself and third party companies used, have access to information pertaining to any order.

The HYSA advantage 


HYSA conducts all background checking, negotiating and price structures for all Group Companies. This allows all other companies in the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies to focus on their individual specialities, a benefit passed on to their customers. 

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group companies and their customers benefit from HYSA by:

  • having cutting-edge German technology at their fingertips
  • being on the receiving end of shortened delivery times
  • having the best pricing structures based on historical sales
  • receiving the services of a knowledgeable and dynamic sales team backed by experienced engineers

These HYSA advantages are made possible through a competent HYSA staff compliment of 36, which has 350 years of combined experience in this niche market. Their experience and knowledge covers every aspect of delivering the correct parts to the correct place, even to the furthest reaches in sub-Saharan Africa, on time!


HYSA’S product sourcing and logistical expertise allows other Group Companies to focus on their customers’ product requirements. Complete the enquiry form or call HYSA on +27 11 573 5400.