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We manufacture a complete range of hydraulic cylinders up to 700 bar for industrial and mobile markets across Africa. 

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Cylinder Kits

Naldoni e Biondi cylinder kits have all the essential components to fully assemble cylinders. Ideal for OEMs with unique requirements.

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Cylinder Services:


Cylinder Services

We support your applications with full cylinder grinding, inspection, testing, honing, turning and repairing services under one roof. 

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Cylinder Service Exchange

Get a temporary matched replacement cylinder while yours is being repaired so that you can maintain production at all times.

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Highest quality hydraulic cylinders

Hytec Engineering is ISO 9001:2000 accredited. It is one of the few companies in Africa offering cylinder design, manufacture and repair in-house and under one roof, including honing, grinding and chroming.

  • Off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic cylinders: From design and 3D modelling to production and assembly, testing and quality assurance, we have the exact cylinder you need.
  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs: We provide complete cylinder repair services. Cylinders received will be stripped, assessed, repaired and refurbished, and pressure tested before they are returned to your site.
  • Cylinder testing: Once your cylinder is repaired, it is fully tested on state-of-the-art test bench, which has a pressure testing capacity up to 800 bar, as well mid-stroke bypass testing.



Hydraulic cylinder


Hytec Engineering service exchange:

We understand your needs to keep your operation going, and minimising the effect of maintenance downtime on your overall production.

Through our cylinder exchange programme, we can provide a temporary replacement cylinder that matches your application requirements while we repair your cylinder to OEM standards.

The service exchange programme includes:

  • Cylinders in need of repair are exchanged for a matched unit
  • Defective cylinders are stripped and reconditioned to OEM specifications
  • Hytec Engineering provides a six-month warranty on all repairs
  • Hytec Engineering delivers repaired cylinders to customer’s site – to save customers time and ensure minimum disruption of day-to-day operations




Need a new cylinder?

Hytec Engineering will manufacture a custom cylinder to your exact specifications, quickly, conveniently and cost effectively. Watch the video to learn more.

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Hytec Engineering invests in efficiency:


Hytec Engineering is that latest Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group company to invest in a new, state-of-the-art production floor. An additional 1 000 m2 of floor space; upgrades to shop equipment; and an optimised process flow means increased production capabilities and efficiencies.


With 1 350 000 Nm of torque, Hytec Engineering’s upgraded stripping bench makes quick work of stripping even the largest hydraulic cylinders.

Our new 3-stage painting booths speed up the process at cylinder painting, including specially formulated epoxy-based paint used in marine and other applications.


New sponge blasting equipment optimises the speed and safety of the removing paint and other contaminants from cylinders, and allows for the application of specialised surface finishes.

Developed in-house using technologies from across the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group companies, Hytec Engineering’s test bench tests each cylinder before it leaves the factory to ensure quality and performance.


Contact Hytec Engineering by filling out the form above or calling our head office on +27 11 387 1900 today.