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Hydraulic Applications


Any industry that relies on hydraulic circuits, machinery and equipment across a vast selection of applications will use hydraulic directional control valves.

Bosch Rexroth DCVs feature prominently in the automotive industry in every vehicle transmission type. They are used in automatic transmissions (AT), automated manual transmissions (AMT), continuous variable automatic transmissions (CVT), double-clutch transmissions (DCT) and the control of automated clutch actuations in hybrid drives.

Other applications that make use of Bosch Rexroth DCVs in hydraulic applications include machine tooling, primary metals, pulp and paper, die-casting and foundry, wood processing, turbine control, and test equipment and simulation. 

Pneumatic Applications


Compressed air is applied to operate tools and equipment in numerous industrial applications from diesel engines to pneumatically operated power tools to the medical industry.

Aventics 2-way valves facilitate air use in applications like shop air, airlines, supplying pressure to systems and power air tools and motors.

They are ideal for use with safety applications that require a cooling flow. In a tapped exhaust ports, the air exhausted from cylinder retraction can be used for secondary purposes such as cleaning or ejecting parts and operating industrial vibrators.

In the medical industry, an Aventics directional control valve is used in systems or machines like those for sample testing and cleaning instruments, for example.


Directional control valve brands

We supply premium quality valve technologies from world-leading manufacturers Bosch Rexroth and Aventics.

The pressure control valve and hydraulic flow control valves form part of the Bosch Rexroth range.

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is a leader in precise, economical and energy efficient drive and control technology. Bosch Rexroth components are used in mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering, factory automation and renewable energy production.

Hydraulic valve types include:

  • Directional Poppet Type Valves: solenoid actuated valve, provides flow control at up to 40 l/min.
  • Flow Control Valves: includes throttle and double throttle check valves & 2-way control valves.
  • Directional Solenoid Valves: Pilot & direct operated directional solenoid valves with max. flows up 1 000 l/m & operating pressure up to 350 bar.
  • Directional Control Valves – Proportional:  11 valves in the range with max. working pressure from 70 to 350 bar.



Aventics is a leading manufacturer of industrial pneumatic drive and control solutions, components and systems for industrial markets worldwide. Aventics pneumatic systems and valves are compact, customisable and can be easily integrated into any pneumatic system.

This pneumatic range of directional valves includes:

  • Pneumatic Series CD04, 07 & 12: air flows to max of 900, 1 400 & 4 100 l/min respectively.
  • Pneumatic Series TC08 & 15: compact & lightweight with airflow to 600 l/min.
  • ISO 5599-1 sizes 1 – 4 pneumatic valves: Working pressure from -0.95 bar to 16 bar.
  • ISO 14507 CD01 pneumatic valve carrier system: Working pressure from -0.9 bar to 10 bar.

Get a pneumatic pressure control valve from Tectra Automation, suited to your application requirements.


Our maintenance offering

To ensure hydraulic, pneumatic and automation machines and systems are kept in top condition, maintenance and tool service must be prioritised.

Service and maintenance from all Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group Companies are tailored to meet our clients’ needs in the hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and ancillary equipment sectors.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic training

merSETA-accredited hydraulics and pneumatics training programmes aimed at various degrees of specialisation is offered by the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies.

Comprehensive hydraulics and pneumatics training, as well as system specific training on entire systems, are available at the Rexroth HUBB.

The 3-Day Basic Hydraulic Training Technology Course includes a module on pumps and valves, and the 5-Day Intermediate Pneumatic Training Course includes a module on valve types


Directional Control Valve Specifications


Directional control valve with manual operated poppet and 2 way double lock (normally closed)


Directional control valve with manual operated poppet and 2 way double lock (normally opened)


Directional spool type valves, with direct acting external pilot internal drain


Directional control valve (normally closed)


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