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Synchronous Series


IndraDyn MSK

The compact IndraDyn MSK high torque electric motor sets new standards in automation, with the latest motor technology.

  • Max torques (of 631 Nm)
  • Max speed (of 9 000 rpm)
  • Dynamic control
  • High torque density
  • Extreme precision (next-generation optical encoder systems)



A small electric motor that delivers high torque


Tectra Automation stock different types of electric motors, including TMSK motors


IndraDyn MKE

Housed in rugged, explosion-proof enclosures, in accordance with ATEX & UL/CSA regulations. TMSK motors are designed for applications in production plants susceptible to explosive dusts, fumes & vapours.

  • Max torque (of 190 Nm)
  • Max speeds (up to 9 000 rpm)
  • Can be supplied with optional:
    • Holding brake
    • Keyway
    • Single - or multi-turn encoder systems


IndraDyn MS2N

The new MS2N motors provide high power density for compact machines.

  • High torque density (up to 360 Nm)
  • Increased motor speeds (up to 9 000 rpm)
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Single cable connection

A selection of rotors with lower & medium inertia are available for optimal alignment of motor & load inertia.



The new industrial electric motors from Bosch Rexroth deliver high power density, with electric motor rpm up to 9 000



MSM motors from electric motor manufacturers, Bosch Rexroth, deliver high power


IndraDyn MSM

Our MSM electric motors are available in five sizes, delivering up to 750 W continuous mechanical power. These are suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Max torque (up to 7.1 Nm)
  • Max speeds (up to 5 000 rpm)
  • High power density
  • Minimised flange dimensions
  • Dynamic & compact


Asynchronous Series


Electric motor supply from Bosch Rexroth includes models that deliver high torque density

IndraDyn MAF

Compact and powerful, these liquid-cooled asynchronous heavy-duty motors are ideal for torque-demanding applications.

  • Housed within compact, IP65-rated enclosures
  • Ensured thermal isolation of motor and machine
  • Enhanced precision
  • Rated output (of 120 kW)
  • Maximum speed (of 11 000 rpm)


Achieve enhanced electric motor speed control with motors from Bosch Rexroth

IndraDyn MAD

With high power density, these motors are ideal in applications like machine tools, printing presses or metal-forming machinery.

  • Maximum handling precision
  • High-resolution & outstanding true running quality
  • Single - or multi-turn encoder systems
  • Robust & easy-to-maintain
  • Rated output (up to 93 kW)
  • Maximum speeds (up to 11 000 rpm)


Achieve high performance, reliable and flexible automation systems with our world leading electric motor technology!


Need spare parts or motor repairs?

As a Bosch Rexroth company, Tectra Automation provides full aftersales support for the IndraDyn range across Africa.

We maintain a large product-specific spare parts stock, with fully equipped, state-of-the-art repair and refurbishment centres, geared towards minimising potential downtime.

For all spares, get in touch with Tectra Automation. Our expert service crews will help you with any parts or refurbishment requirements.

Get in touch with us today!


Tectra Automation’s expert crews are equipped to carry out motor repairs, including electric motor rewinding


Bosch Rexroth offers electric motor gearboxes, as well as servo drives

Your end-to-end electrical motor supplier

As an African leader in automation, we have the expertise to optimise your drive control processes and will help you achieve maximum performance from your electric motors and servo drives.

As part of our turnkey, integrated automation offerings, we also supply pneumatic, vacuum, electric drive and control, process valves and actuators, linear motion and assembly system technology from Bosch Rexroth, as well as other leading brand like Schmalz and OMT.


New generation electric motors are breaking boundaries

Our new generation MS2N synchronous electric motors are breaking boundaries in the Electric Drives and Controls industry.

This energy-efficient range includes over 50 motor types in 6 motor sizes, combining top-performing dynamics with compact dimensions.

They offer:

  • More torque (up to 360 Nm)
  • Faster motor speeds (up to 9 000 rpm)
  • A practical single-cable connection
  • New encoder option with certified safety up to SIL3 PLe

Read more here.


The new generation asynchronous electric motors from Tectra Automation deliver faster motor speeds


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric motor?

An electric servo motor is a self-contained device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, creating motion. It pushes or rotates objects. Its precision and power make it ideal in an industrial automation setting.

An electric servo motor consists of: A motor, a potentiometer (a resistor which controls the flow of electric current) and a control circuit. The motor is attached to the control wheel by means of gears. When the motor rotates, the gears are turned. The potentiometer’s resistance changes, regulating the direction and size of the motor’s movement.

How does an electric motor work?

In a servo motor, an electrical pulse is sent through the control wire and this turns a rotor. The electrical pulse has variable width (called pulse width modulation, PWM). The motor’s movement and position are determined by the PWM through the control wire.

A servo motor holds its position, even against external force and thus it provides torque.

What is an electric motor used for?

Electric servo motors are available in a diverse range of sizes and torque densities, making them ideal in a range of applications where they precisely control the position of a rotary motor or a linear actuator.

What is the working principle of electric motors?

Using the working principle of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), where the angle of rotation is controlled by the pulse duration.


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