Simplicity, flexibility and productivity

Machine manufactures face constant pressure to be more agile and do things faster. They have to get new, increasingly complex products to market as quickly as possible. More efficient engineering, more consistent communication and more common diagnosis for all their drive technology are critical in boosting productivity. With Bosch Rexroth’s electrification of its hydraulic technologies, intelligent production floors are now a reality.

Cabinet-free drive technology for maximum flexibility at minimum space

100% cabinet-free, 100% flexible: Bosch Rexroth’s IndraDrive Mi is the most flexible decentralised drive system in the world. With this cabinet free drive technology, IndraDrive Mi makes it easier to build, change and use modular machines and lines than ever.

Connected Automation

Bosch Rexroth’s Connected Automation platform is the most open ecosystem for future-proof automation and manufacturing execution solutions. From smart automation products to complete hardware and software architectures, IT integration and cloud connection – Bosch Rexroth is bringing Industry 4.0 to your operation!

i4.0 Connectivity Toolbox

Industry 4.0 is all about connectivity, and this toolbox enables operators to connect and integrate almost all kinds of devices, interfaces and standards. Direct connection of your management system to automation via OPC UA, Database-connections, integration of office applications, smart devices, complete i4.0 upgrade kits for existing machines are just some of the possible solutions.

New controls platform for Industry 4.0 factory automation systems

Our industrial automation technology includes rugged hardware and unlimited performance, with integrated IT technology and a huge portfolio of machine application widgets and apps for PLC, Motion, Robotics and CNC applications.

Smart guiding and measuring with the new IMS-A integrated measuring system

Guiding and measuring device in one: The IMS-A integrated measuring system detects the absolute position and works with high precision, even in a rugged environment.

Open Core: the revolution of software engineering

Combining automation and modern IT technology through integrated automation solutions is delivering greater freedom, flexibility and efficiency in automation designs. Freedom of choice of the programming language and device platforms is opening up new integration opportunities for enhancing production workflow automation and flexibility.

The factory of the future

We’re helping customers identify how their production process can be more efficient and more cost-effective. Our vision of the Factory of the Future is a highly mobile production space; production lines will be modular, and their constituent machines and industrial robotics will move and reorganise themselves into new lines for new purposes, communicating wirelessly with one another and with other process functions via 5G, and they will be powered through the floor via an inductive charging system.

Introduce a new level of productivity, efficiency and safety into your factory with Bosch Rexroth’s range of automation technologies! Send us your requirements here.