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When it comes to keeping your hydraulic accumulator in peak condition for longer, we have the expertise and product range you need. Our range of hydraulic accumulators and accessories will help extend your system's lifespan, reduce the risk of downtime and boost overall performance.

Get your hydraulic accumulator tested at our facility!

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Mine Health and Safety Act, all hydraulic accumulator owners are required to have all accumulator equipment conformity assessed.

They must also be pressure tested and certified, including the vessel and all appurtenances in order to uphold high safety and operational standards. This is the case whether designed and manufactured in South Africa or imported.

At our facility, all hydraulic accumulators are subjected to an internal and external inspection and a hydrostatic pressure test. Additionally, all accumulators tested at HFT’s testing facility will receive safety instructions, including information on mounting, commissioning and maintenance, and original manufacturing records that users are required to keep for the lifetime of the vessel.

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