Hydraulic press safety


Our hydraulic presses have a 2-to-1 safety factor, which meets American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.1 standards, with both single- or double-acting cylinders available.  All double-acting cylinders have a built-in relief valve and all hydraulic presses meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements (CE).

A winch allows just one person to adjust the hydraulic press bed to the desired height and a self-locking winch mechanism prevents the bed from dropping when the handle is released. This contributes to safety while minimising the potential for work disruption.

Electric, air and hand hydraulic pumps are available with CE-approved electric pumps standard on all hydraulic presses. Externally adjustable relief valves for operators to precisely control working pressure is standard on all electric pumps, barring the PE10 and PE17 series.

Hydraulic presses that improve ergonomics


To improve worker ergonomics, our hydraulic presses provide, on average, a larger work area than most competitor models and include an alignment lever, which facilitates easy pin replacement subsequent to lowering the bed.

The Open Throat® feature on the 25-ton hydraulic press provides an additional work area by mounting the cylinder on the outside for a C-frame advantage. Hydraulic press frames can be used horizontally for pressing jobs on extra-long shafts, adding to the presses’ flexibility.

The uprights of these hydraulic presses are rugged and 50% stronger than channel iron, while their four-post design leaves side-space open for easy loading of long material. This minimises disruptions usually associated with loading material of this nature.

Hydraulic press accessories


Hytec’s hydraulic press accessories from Power Team comprise a rubber tyre removing/installing set (TPP200); V- blocks and threaded adapters; and a press accessory kit.

The TPP200 is an easy way to press solid rubber tyres – it uses plates instead of combination rings to press rims from old tyres into new ones. The plates, capable of withstanding a maximum force of 150 tons, are stacked so none of them is more than 50.8 mm smaller than the one beneath. This prevents the plates from bending.

Heavy-duty hydraulic presses


Heavy-duty hydraulic presses from Hytec have a full rated capacity across the width of the upper frame, even when the work head is moved to one side.

The close manufacturing tolerance provided by these hydraulic presses allow for even load distribution over four alloy steel pins. A 9.5 mm inside diameter (I.D.) hose on spring return cylinders provide up to six times faster cylinder return than standard 6.4 mm I.D. hose.

Where to find our hydraulic presses


Hytec is one of the largest distributors of hydraulic presses in Africa. Our branches retain a high stockholding and provide quick and efficient delivery of your hydraulic presses.

The Hytec Group is represented by 35 branches strategically located across Southern and sub-Saharan Africa. Through this network, we help our customers achieve maximum uptime of their processes, and can respond to any queries, concerns or challenges they may encounter with their hydraulic presses and the whole range of products supplied by the Group.

Find the closest Hytec branch to your location here.

Equip your workshop for maximum productivity


Our hydraulic presses are an essential piece of workshop equipment! With the right tools for the job, operators can increase their production, maintenance and service productivity while handling workpieces safely and efficiently.


For industry leading hydraulic presses for your workshop maintenance applications, speak to Hytec today!