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Optimise your productivity!


Our hydraulic tools enable customers to complete projects safely, in less time and on budget.

  • Max. efficiency of hydraulic energy in precise, concentrated applications
  • Designed in response to real field challenges, our hydraulic tools deliver max. ergonomic efficiency for increased productivity
  • High-quality hydraulic seal systems allow for performance in wet or freezing conditions
  • Engineered to last a lifetime! Our tools are warrantied against defects across their service life

A leader in advancing controlled bolting solutions, engineering and manufacturing technologies and utilising advancements in material technology, SPXFlow Hydraulic Technologies drives continuous development of hydraulic tools. This has delivered a product range with reduced weight and size, and improved safety, performance and durability.

Hydraulic tools for any operations or maintenance application


Whether for a custom-made hydraulics system, or off-the-shelf components for even the most specialist application, the Hytec Group represents leading hydraulic tool brands and skills to ensure optimal function, efficiency and performance.

  • Accuracy and control for positioning of heavy loads
  • Lifting heavy machinery
  • Fabrication of sheet or plate steel
  • Efficient replacement of tyres on heavy-duty machinery
  • Efficient removal of lock rings

Whatever your application requirements, the Hytec Group offers one of Africa’s largest hydraulic tools range, which it supports with extensive customer service, accessories and leading application knowledge!

Quality assurance


All hydraulic tools from Power Team and SPXFlow Bolting Systems are subject to the strictest quality checks during their production. All materials used in the construction of this range are certified and have complete traceability to the mill.

Before leaving the ISO 9001:2000 factory, each pressure containing product is texted to maximum working pressure to ensure on-the-job reliability.Our hydraulic tools range has the following accreditations (as applicable): ASME B30.1, ASME B40.1, CE Mark, IJ100, CSA and NEMA.

Full distribution & service across Africa


Our hydraulic tools are backed by a comprehensive stockholding via a strategic distribution network that covers South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa! We also provide full aftersales service and support to keep your operation running at max. performance!


Need hydraulic fluid?


We have a dedicated hydraulic fluid unit, Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) that will help you select the optimum hydraulic fluid you need for your hydraulic tools. Click here to speak to HFT about your hydraulic fluid requirements!

SPXFlow Power Team: an industry standard in hydraulic tools


Power Team’s high-force hydraulic tools and equipment are used across the world where strong, concentrated force is required – on construction sites, in power plants, on rail lines, in shipyards, in mining operations and more.

Power Team started out as a specialist tool manufacturer in the early days of the automotive industry in the USA, over 90 years ago. It has since become one of the leading brands in hydraulic tools for workshops and industrial sites in 155 countries across the world.

Power Team is committed to continuous quality improvement, customer satisfaction and the reduction of total costs, with some of the leading minds in hydraulic tools driving innovation, efficiency and in-depth application knowledge to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Read more about Power Team here.

SPXFlow Bolting Systems: best-in-class bolting solutions


SPXFlow Bolting Systems, the controlled bolting solutions specialist of SPXFlow Hydraulic Technologies, is distributed in over 150 countries across the world.

It is a global leader in hydraulic torque and tensioning systems, industry-specific certified training programmes, system rentals and flange management database software.

SPXFlow Bolting Systems was formed when SPXFlow Hydraulic Technologies acquired Torque Tension Systems LTD (TTS), an innovative UK manufacturer of bolting tools. This new partnership enabled the combination of the industry’s best high pressure hydraulic power pack manufacturer, Power Team, with one of the best torque and tensioning tool manufacturers to provide best-in-class bolting solutions.

Read more about SPXFlow Bolting Systems here.


Speak to Hytec today to find the hydraulic tool you need for your application. Call us on +27 11 573 5460 or send us an enquiry.