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We help you optimise the speed and efficiency of your production:


Single piece to high volume orders

Tectra Automation is a single-source supplier of pneumatic, electric drive and control, linear and assembly technology solutions and process valves.

The automation company offers industry-leading solutions from single piece items to high volume production.

  • Future-proof, fully connected, automation & manufacturing solutions
  • Open Core software engineering
  • Vast portfolio of integrated machine widgets and applications that simplify engineering
  • Integrates most standards, interfaces & devices
  • Cabinet-free drive technology for maximum flexibility and small footprint



Transfer systems and conveyor or conveying systems add efficiency to your automation systems.


Enhancing efficiency and accuracy

From automotive to electronics and electrical technology, medical technology and optical industries, moving components across assembly lines is made simpler and faster with Tectra Automation’s transfer systems (TS).

Providing flexibility in assembly and allowing for product variations, TS systems are used in both semi-autonomous and autonomous production systems to increase efficiency and accuracy. 

Choose from a range of 5 transfer systems for your industrial automation systems:

  • Up to 360 ° pallet movement
  • Steel or aluminium carrying plate
  • Open-frame aluminium profiles
  • Joinable modular units
  • Various types of drive belts/chains



Pneumatic innovations

Using our experience and complete range of pneumatic technologies enables us to optimise production facilities across Africa.

Custom-built solutions significantly reduce production time bringing cost-effectiveness to your processes, and have the added benefit of increasing worker safety.


Using an effective but uncomplicated pneumatic system design using 3/2-way valves with remotely activated plungers and 5/2 piloted operated valves for cylinder movement control for a wheel assembly plant, Tectra Automation helped increase the customer’s production almost 10-fold.

In addition to the faster turnaround time, the solution increased product consistency and reduced raw material waste.

An example of innovation in pneumatics at an assembly plant where the solution enabled 10-fold production increases.


Design & Engineering

We will custom design your solution using state-of-the-art in-house design tools and equipment, and fabricate, engineer and test your solution.

Installation & Commissioning

Tectra Automation will transport, install and do final commissioning of your solution as you require, giving you complete peace of mind. 



As an experienced South African automation partner, our specialists will help you analyse your current systems and identify optimisation.

Aftersales Services

We will support your application with complete aftersales services, including inspection, maintenance, training and spare parts supply.




Latest News:


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Industries we support:


Improving production flow efficiency is necessary to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately increase profitability. Improving this efficiency is one of the challenges faced by production assembly lines and product manufacturers. The comprehensive range of industrial automation products from Bosch Rexroth addresses this challenge.

The cutting-edge range of industrial solutions facilitates smarter, leaner and more efficient production lines, leading to improved production flow.

Assembly & Handling

Our integrated system approach helps you to increase assembly & handling systems’ productivity while reducing your engineering effort by up to 80%.


Cross-technology solutions with optimally coordinated interfaces that help customers reduce energy consumption & emissions without lowering productivity.

Machine Tools

Maximise machine tool productivity and efficiency, while ensuring the best possible networking. CNC-system MTX and intelligent drives IndraDrive from Rexroth.


Plastics & Die Casts Machinery

Increase output through exactly defined motion sequences & tailor-made process controllers with reproducible quality and minimal energy consumption assured.

Printing & Paper

Meet the constantly increasing market requirements of faster format changes, higher precision and less waste at maximum productivity, while saving energy.

Processing & Packaging

Optimise processes & profitability with IndraMotion for Efficient Engineering. Get the highest flexibility & efficiency with cabinet-free drive technology. 


Semiconductor & Electronics

The world's largest automation technology portfolio for the semiconductor & electronics industry, catering to these specialised
automation needs.

Food & Beverage

We support Africa’s food & beverage industries with a complete range of components and systems that meet all hygiene, safety and efficiency demands.

Power Generation

Developing reliable and functionally safe electromechanical and hydraulic solutions for power generation plants that ensure the stability of supply networks.






Pneumatics in Industrial Automation

As pneumatic technology requires far less pressure than that needed by hydraulic applications it is used more often in automation applications for industry.

Aventics, a leading manufacturer of industrial pneumatic drive and control solutions, distributed and serviced by Tectra Automation, has integrated electronics into its pneumatic range. Examples of this integration include the ED series electro-pneumatic pressure regulators and AES modular electronics for the advanced valve generation.

This range of pneumatic products provides the functionality needed for machine networking, making them ideal for use in industrial automation applications.

Aventics is a leading supplier of pneumatic systems.


Manufacturing process automation solutions can be found in industrial hydraulics.


Hydraulics in Industrial Automation

Software and intelligent algorithms that have been custom designed for hydraulic applications have reached a stage where they equalise non-linearity inherent in fluid technology.

This can be seen in Bosch Rexroth’s Sytronix series. It combines the best properties of both hydraulic and electric systems enabling steel or iron constructed valve controls to embrace industrial automation. It achieves this through open operation by decentralising the intelligence in the electronically controlled device.

Bosch Rexroth has also integrated its electrohydraulic expertise into its IndraMotion MLC control solution software, opening the door for industrial automation applications.

This opens the door for industrial automation applications as the technology includes special characteristics that are intrinsic in fluid technology to the point where it replaces elegant programming with parameterisation.



Meeting Industry 4.0 head-on

Conquer the traditional boundaries between machine controls, the world of the Internet and IoT – the Internet of Things.

Introducing ctrlX AUTOMATION from Bosch Rexroth – helping you reduce component and engineering costs by 30 to 50%. It achieves this with a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is a complete industrial automation solution for Industry 4.0. It offers:

  • Faster engineering
  • Increased productivity with fewer components
  • Dependable high-level performance


In addition to these plant automation advantages, ctrlX AUTOMATION speaks all languages and can be implemented in every ecosystem. Other benefits include:

  • All software and hardware from a single supplier
  • Universal IOT integration
  • Systematic architecture of modern soft- & hardware technology
  • 100% investment security

New automation technology is at the forefront of Industry 4.0.


Industry 4.0 requires intelligent integration. Factory automation products from Bosch Rexroth South Africa are also used by robotic automation companies.


Staying Connected

Industry 4.0 automation and control solutions are dependent on connectivity between the entire value creation process, not only between OT and IT.

Our connected automation platform is an open ecosystem for future-proof automation and industrial manufacturing solutions. This is augmented by the  i4.0 connectivity toolbox.

The industry 4.0 toolbox facilitates plant operators connecting and integrating practically all kinds of devices, standards and interfaces.

Some of the solutions provided by this technologically rich software include direct connection of management systems to automation via OPC UA, database-connections, integration of office applications, smart devices, and complete i4.0 upgrade kits for existing machines.



Electric Control in Industrial Automation

Electromechanical actuation in manufacturing plants is one of the most energy-efficient actuation methods in most industries. For this reason, it should be considered for increased use in industrial automation scenarios.

In addition, electronic servo controls are proven to enable high levels of precision. The Bosch Rexroth System 300 advanced DC tightening system allows multi-stage programming and multiple synchronisations of spindle motors.

New automation technology is added to Bosch Rexroth’s portfolio as they are developed


Products for the connected industry include servo motors, drive controllers, human machine interfaces and more, all available from Tectra Automation.


The Bosch Rexroth Smart Function Kit

Functioning according to the plug & produce principle, the modular Smart Function Kit from Bosch Rexroth is designed to meet industrial requirements of the future.

The Smart Function Kit achieves future requirements by providing a complete mechatronic package across a wide range of pressing and joining applications like assembly, joining, forming and testing.

Synchronised hardware and software components (electromechanical cylinder & power sensor, servo motor, drive controller, industrial PC and browser-based HMI software) make up this smart solution.  Pre-selected mechanical, electrical automation and software components are combined in various kits for forces from 2 to 30 kN. 



Maximise your Automation Solutions with Bosch Rexroth

The Bosch Rexroth Group, as a leading automation supplier and a manufacturing company, is driving industrial automation.

As an early adapter of industrial automation solutions, Bosch Rexroth is well placed to maximise the benefits, advantages and opportunities that Industry 4.0 brings. One of the most significant of these is the potential for increased collaboration between stakeholders, which results in much faster communication and real-time data exchange.

Industrial automation companies like Bosch Rexroth collect valuable practical experience by applying industrial automation at its own plants around the world. Through this, the multinational group has proved how work at a Smart Factory with multi-product lines could look in the future.

With its substantial automation portfolio and worldwide production experience, Bosch Rexroth manufactures and supplies leading industrial automation and manufacturing solutions – from single piece items to high volume production.

Tectra Automation are leaders in industrial automation


Intelligence for smart drive connectivity


Smart Tools

Bosch Rexroth supplies an intelligent tightening system equipped with integrated torque and rotation sensors, and intelligent software functionalities.  This guarantees process reliable tightening connections.

The tools can be integrated into the industrial automation environment, either via cable or wireless via WLAN by means of a wide range of interfaces and protocols for the exchange of commands and data.

These smart tools can be integrated into industrial automation environments with cable or a wireless connection using WLAN. A wide range of interfaces and protocols to exchange commands and data are used.



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