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What industrial automation means for your business

With greater control of production and more efficient handling and internal logistics, automation reduces assembly time and improves production rate. It also reduces the scope for human error to have an adverse impact of product quality, which improves product consistency and conformity.

With increasingly sophisticated machine automation and motion control, employee safety is increased and cycle times of production are minimised. Hazardous and high-risk working conditions can be replaced with industrial robots and robotic devices. Manual checks and preventative maintenance can also be reduced and optimised, allowing operators to maintain their manufacturing process and production systems at peak performance with maximum efficiency, greater project management and lowest total cost of ownership.

It’s all about connectivity

Industry 4.0 automation and control solutions are dependent on connectivity – not just between OT and IT, but the entire value creation process, where both suppliers and manufacturers are connected.

Open standards are crucial. This is one of the primary reasons why Bosch Rexroth is collaborating with research organisations, OEMs, manufacturers, system integrators and leading IT companies. This will enable partners and customers to work within their preferred development environment and programming languages from the IT world to optimise efficiency and versatility of the automation environment.

Flexible production layouts

Our automation solutions and industrial control systems allow factories, workstations and production lines to achieve optimised production flows through flexible, modular and scalable technology designs that can be tailored to your unique applications. 

According to the your requirements, different manufacturing and assembly layouts, consisting of manual and industrial automation work stations with self-sustaining controls, can be achieved.

Automation vs mechanisation

Where mechanisation is still a manually-driven operation, with workers controlling heavy and powerful machinery to perform a specific task, automation replaces the need for human involvement with the use of intelligent process control systems that automatically, measure, monitor, analyse and action specific processes. 

With faster, more accurate internal processes, automation increases performance and profitability and improves safety.

What does the future hold for industrial automation

The convergence of all aspects of information systems combined with process synchronisation and machine autonomy means the Hytec Group, as a Bosch Rexroth company, can provide industrial automation systems for most applications.

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