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Bellows Actuators

Ideal for range of applications, these pneumatic actuators are robust, durable and flexible. They deliver high force at low heights, and are therefore equally ideal in generating a powerful stroke as they are for providing air cushioning and vibration dampening in pneumatics industries.

  • Low height, high force
  • Excellent vibration isolation
  • Quick delivery times
  • Suitable for angular movements with lateral flexibility
  • Frictionless, no sticking and slipping

Rotary Actuators

We supply rack-and-pinion gears as well as rotary wing drives. A high-quality design and build provides exceptional reliability in any system requiring rotary motion. These pneumatic actuators have a high torque-to-size ratio, and provide a virtually maintenance-free, fit-and-forget actuator in a range of mechanical applications.

  • 0° to 180°, 0° to 360° rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuators
  • 30° to 270°, 90° to 270° rotary wing drives
  • High strength and corrosion resistance
  • Single (spring return) or double-acting actuators
  • Compact pneumatic actuator design occupies less space

Diaphragm Actuators

Diaphragm actuators achieve a very fast actuating time, and are a flexible, reliable pneumatic actuator used in a wide range of applications. These actuators can operate as either direct-, reverse- or double-acting. A high-quality engineering means a long, reliable service life with little maintenance required.

  • Air-to-open, air-to-close actions
  • Pressure for determining piston forces: 6.3 bar
  • High thrust motion
  • Hysteresis-free control
  • Possible to mount on any manual valve body already in use

We also supply a complete range of pneumatic cylinders:

In addition to pneumatic actuators we have a complete range of pneumatic cylinders. Move and lift small or large loads, with a maximum force of 5 tons! Our pneumatic cylinders range includes rodless; profile; tie rod; round or crimp; guide; short stroke / compact; and double piston cylinders.

Aventics pneumatic actuators

Converting compressed air into mechanical motion is a central part of any pneumatic system. When choosing your pneumatic actuator to achieve this, high-quality, reliable components that are virtually maintenance-free maximise your efficiency.

Whether it is in rotary or short- or long-stroke linear pneumatic actuators, Aventics is a world leader in pneumatic engineering performance!

The company broke away from Bosch Rexroth in 2014 to form a standalone pneumatics unit, but its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic actuators, drive and control components and system is stronger than ever.

Aventics’ pneumatic actuators are used in thousands of pneumatic systems across the world in a variety of industries. Contact Tectra Automation today for a pneumatic actuator for your application!

About Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation is a leader in pneumatic, electric and mechanical drive technology, providing southern Africa’s drive and automation industries with cutting-edge products, state-of-the-art technical services and expert support. We are one of the country’s top suppliers of pneumatic actuators!

Tectra Automation is headquartered in Meadowdale, Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Contact Tectra Automation today for a pneumatic actuator for your application! send us an enquiry today!