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Additional information on our pneumatic directional control valves range
Pneumatically Operated Valves

Pneumatic operated valves consist of the Aventics Pneumatic Series CD04, CD07, CD12, TC08 and TC15. The standard range consists of ISO 5599-1 Size 1 Pneumatic Valves, ISO 5599-1 Size 2 Pneumatic Valves, ISO 5599-1 Size 3 Pneumatic Valves, ISO 5599-1 Size 4 Pneumatic Valves and ISO 14507 CD01 Pneumatic Valve Carrier System.

Working pressure on the pneumatically operated valve range varies between 0.9 to 16 bar, temperature ranges are from -25° to 50° C, nominal flow rates vary from 600 l/m to 4 100 l/m and the maximum particle size is either 5 or 50 micro-millimetres. For the standard range, working pressure is the same, the ambient temperature range is from -10° to 50° C and the maximum particle size is also 50 µm.

Manually Operated Valves:

There are 5 pneumatic manual control valves in this range:

Electrically Operated Valves:

There are 6 in the range of electrically operated valves, consisting of: TC15 Series Electrical Valves, TC08 Series Electrical Valves, 740 Series Directional Pneumatic Valve, Series CD12 Electrical Valves, Series CD07 Electrical Valves and Series CD04 Electrical Valves.

Flow and Check Valves:

Flow and check valves play an important part in high-efficiency systems, and are an integral part of our range of pneumatic components. There are 5 valve categories, each with their own unique valves. They are:

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