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Baldwin Fuel Filtration

Contaminants are still a major concern when it comes to fuel systems. Baldwin fuel filters effectively remove contaminants from a fuel supply, eliminating harmful debris which might damage critical fuel system components, enhancing protection for downstream equipment functionality.

Baldwin industrial fuel filters deliver pure performance, system protection and trouble-free operation for all types of equipment, with up to 13% greater contaminant holding capacity than regular filters. This means extended injection system life and full power performance.

With spin-ons, elements, fuel managers and fuel/water separators, Baldwin has the filter to fit most applications. Baldwin Filters offers more than 650 different fuel filters, fuel managers, coalescers and fuel/water separators to protect your engine.

Baldwin Filters has a complete line of fuel filters to provide complete protection to today’s engines from contaminants. Baldwin fuel filters protect sensitive fuel system components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants, which include:

Water — destroys lubricative properties of your fuel, damaging fuel system components and resulting in fuel flow stoppage at cold temperatures.

Fungus and Bacteria — plug fuel filters, feed on hydrocarbons and spread rapidly in the presence of moisture.

Precipitates (non-combustible materials) — settle out of the fuel causing few problems.

Particulates (black, tar-like contaminants) — plug fuel filters quickly.

Wax — adds energy to diesel fuel; however, during cold weather, wax thickens and gels – slowing or stopping fuel flow.

Fuel/Water Separators

Water is potentially the most harmful ingredient for your fuel system, the most common cause of diesel engine failure.

Baldwin provides rugged and reliable fuel/water separators that are capable of removing virtually 100% of the water component of both petrol and diesel, in addition to other contaminants.

Series I and Series II Fuel/Water Separators

Our Series I and Series II Fuel/Water Separators’ sealing surface is improved with the pliable elastomeric internal seal replacing hard plastic. The centre tube prevents implosion in the event of drastic differences in internal and external pressure, while the heavy-duty housing provides improved protection against bursts and pulses.

DAHL/Baldwin Fuel/Water Separators

DAHL/Baldwin fuel/water separators separate both solid and water contaminants, are easily installed – mountable at any point before the fuel pump – and easily serviced. The patented depressuriser cone removes 80% of contaminants prior to reaching the HydroShield™ media filter, from where it enters the pump and injection system.

The PF7698, with HydroShield™

The PF7698, with HydroShield™ media, is a convenient, easy-to-service package that delivers superior filtration, exceeding OEM standards, potentially doubling the dirt-holding capacity. Numerous innovations, including the permanently-joined housing lid and element, enhance the filter seal, improving performance and preventing the bypass of unfiltered fuel.

View the PDFs below for detailed specifications for the range of Baldwin Industrial Fuel Filtration products.

Baldwin has over 80 years’ experience in designing optimised filtration solutions for Africa’s industrial and mobile machines.
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Fleetguard® Fuel Filtration

With the ever-increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, fuel filtration is critical to protect the components of diesel and fuel engines to achieve optimum performance and reliability. Poorly performing fuel systems impact fuel economy, power output and cost of ownership through increased maintenance, repairs and downtime. Cleaner fuel means greater fuel economy, prolonging equipment life and reducing operating costs. Fleetguard® manufactures the complete range of fuel filters, for diesel and fuel engines in industry, construction, marine and consumer applications.

Fuel systems are affected by various forms of contamination such as particulates, water, paraffin wax and asphaltene. The use of Fleetguard® on-engine filters ensures optimal fuel system protection per demanding OEM specifications and is leading the way with new technologies in fuel filtration to removal harmful contaminants, to improve reliability and fuel efficiencies, and reduce service intervals and overall costs.

Off-Engine Fuel Filtration

The first line of defense offered by Fleetguard® is at the fuel storage stage, ensuring cleaner fuel reaches your equipment fuel tank. The inherent StrataPore™ synthetic media, with a wide range of micron ratings, provides maximum protection.

On-Chassis, Remote Mount Fuel Filtration

Offering best-in-class particle removal and water separation at a flow capability of 225 to 680 litres/hour, these processors remove contaminants and increase service intervals. The patented Seeing is Believing® indicator allows users to easily identify when the fuel filter needs to be replaced. The Product range includes Fuel Pro®, Diesel Pro® and Industrial Pro® single, double and triple units for on-highway, off-highway and stationary industrial applications.

On-Engine Fuel Filtration

On-engine StrataPore™ and NanoNet™ media delivers best-in-class removal of fine, harmful contaminants. Its advanced composite material construction offers increased resistance against physical and environmental damage. With its unparalleled ability to eliminate fine contaminants and water from the fuel, Fleetguard® on-engine filtration increases both the performance and long term health of your fuel system and reduces unscheduled maintenance.

Fuel Filtration & Water Separation

Fuel/water separators are becoming an increasingly critical component in the equipment’s fuel systems. The high performance Fleetguard® Filter-in-Filter technology for High Pressure Common Rail engines includes StrataPore™ or NanoNet™ media to prevent water related corrosion in high pressure fuel systems. With two-stage particle removal Fleetguard® fuel/water separators eliminate the need for extra filters and fuel plumbing.

View the PDFs below for detailed specifications for the range of Fleetguard® Fuel Filtration products.

For over 60 years, Fleetguard has been the cornerstone brand for the diesel engine filtration industry.