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HMI accessories

Compact, mobile and manual HMI display terminals allow users to operate, setup, parameterise and diagnose performance and production data. Display terminals are provided in range of different sizes, and allow operators to attach them directly to the machine.

The range includes many different variations of touch and button interfaces to allow users maximum interface efficiency.

PLC accessories

A range of IndraLogic PLCs provide powerful IO capabilities that cover the range of electric drive and control applications.

3 different versions comprise this range, PC-based, controller-based and extended versions. Support for a rage of communication protocols, including Ethernet, PROFIBUS and Sercos.

IO accessories

A complete range of IO blocks that includes IndraControl, inline and fieldline modules, in protection classes IP20 and IP67. They add scalability and flexibility to your installation, allowing operators to reap the economic benefits of tailored machine concepts.

They are compact, with an innovative assembly and installation concept that uses space-saving IO technology for time-saving DIN rail mounting. A simple, modular solution for extending IO in your electric drive and control system.

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Industrial computers (IPC)

We supply Bosch Rexroth’s range of industrial computers as embedded PCs, panel PCs and box PCs as best suits your application. Embedded PCs can be cabinet mounted or be supplied in housing for assembly on a supporting arm. They are without a hard disk and any rotating media.

Panel PCs have a range of protective functions for robust industrial use, including a sturdy structure with vibration resistance, shock loading capacity and advanced heat dissipation. Box PCs are used where PC and control unit have to be separated. We supply a range of different box PCs, differing in computing power, storage capacity, plug-in cards and so on.

Tectra Automation on your doorstep

Tectra Automation is part of the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies , the largest hydraulics and automation company in sub-Saharan Africa. The Group is represented by 8 specialist units and 35 branches strategically located near important industrial centres across the region. It means that we don’t just supply the world’s leading brands to help advance the region’s industrial sector, it means we are geared towards maximising uptime for enhanced customer competitiveness.

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