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Hydraulic accessories: key components in responsive, tailored hydraulic systems

Valve are a critical part of fluid control applications, so it’s important you choose solutions that deliver proven performance and high levels of reliability and safety to your application.

We’ve chosen to partner with Hydac, Stauff and MHA Zentgraf for our hydraulic accessories, because they have an established tradition of providing state-of-the-art hydraulic accessories and components to industries worldwide over an extended period of time.

In addition to finely engineered additions to hydraulic lines, these hydraulic accessories enable high versatility and flexibility in what you can achieve to maximise your performance, efficiency and competitiveness.

Why ball valves in hydraulics?

The ball valve design delivers many benefits to hydraulic circuits. These hydraulic accessories are engineered to supply complete leak-free service, quick open and close times and design flexibility, and come in a small-footprint, compact solution.

MHA Zentgraf ball valves are used across the world, with operations in 60 countries. We supply MHA Zentgraf valves in various formats: with locking devices, mechanical limit switches and inductive proximity switches.

Hydac are a global name in hydraulic and fluid engineering solutions, and is constantly at the forefront of new valve technologies and innovations, reflected in the number of patents the company owns in the industry. We supply 15 hydraulic ball valve types, including flange, lockable, low-pressure, manifold and 3- and 4-way valves.

Gauge isolator valves

Isolation valves are an important part of monitoring and measuring hydraulic pressure in a circuit. Their function is to restrict and control the flow in hydraulic systems so that pressure can be monitored and measured.

Hydac drives the same high quality of its ball valves range to its gauge isolators. Its single and multi-station gauge isolators, either with push buttons or 90°-turn elements, enable high-performance hydraulic systems that operate at optimum pressure levels for long-lasting, efficient applications with low operational costs.

Stauff gauge valves offer a high-quality design that provides precise, leak free isolation allowing operators to take accurate readings of their hydraulic pressure.

HFT: The hydraulic accessories specialists

HFT is the leading hydraulic and lube filtration supplier in Southern Africa. We specialise in fluid maintenance equipment, services and solutions, with a full range of hydraulic accessories; fluid management technology and condition monitoring equipment; hydraulic and lube process and mobile filtration systems; valves, cartridges and accumulators; as well as condition monitors, coolers and associated electronic componentry and hydraulic accessories.

In addition to the high-quality Hydac, Stauiff and MHA Zentgraff hydraulic accessories outlined above, HFT distributes Bosch Rexroth, Baldwin and Fleetguard filtration solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. As hydraulic fluid specialist, we help our clients customise these solutions as required by their application for optimum performance with the underlying aims of extending service intervals, maximising uptime and reducing capital costs.

We have full laboratory facilities and product expertise to evaluate, design and supply complete filtration solutions for mobile and process applications. Our fully-fledged laboratory means we can conduct in-house sampling and analysis of oil and fluids.

HFT keeps comprehensive stockholdings of air, coolant, lube and fuel filtration as well as mobile filtration service kits.

Where to find our hydraulic accessories

As Africa’s largest hydraulics and automation company, the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies has 40 branches across sub-Saharan Africa, all strategically located to cover the region’s major industrial operations. The group has over 750 employees, all striving to ensure we can deliver to our customers optimum systems in hydraulics, pneumatics, plant and industrial automation.

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