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Hydraulics Services

We'll service your hydraulic equipment to OEM specifications.

Hydraulics Service

  • Fault finding
  • System analysis
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Service contacts
  • Fully equipped fleet of service vehicles

Hydraulics Repair

  • Bosch Rexroth Service Centre of Competence for Africa
  • Genuine spares
  • Warranties and exchange units
  • A Remanufacturing Program (Reman) for pumps and motors
  • Mobile Gearboxes (Splitter, slew, final drives and wheel drives)
  • Industrial Gearboxes (Planetary)

Service Exchange

  • Service exchange for hydraulic cylinders, pump, motors and gearboxes
  • Reduce downtime during maintenance

We inspect, test and service according to OEM specification in SABS ISO 9001-certified facilities.

Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulics Training Courses

Hydraulics training from Bosch Rexroth South Africa is merSETA-accredited, and available across sub-Saharan Africa, either at our fully equipped training centre in Johannesburg, or at our customers' sites.

Benefits of our hydraulics training:

  • In-depth understanding of hydraulics components and equipment
  • Enhanced understanding of hydraulic circuitry
  • Minimum time spent troubleshooting
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved plant availability
  • NQF Level II training for general hydraulic fitters and fluid power specific hydraulic fitters, as well as basic hydraulic technology training courses.

Increase your workforce's skills and hydraulic knowledge with Bosch Rexroth South Africa. Click here to read more about our hydraulics training.

Bosch Rexroth South Africa's hydraulics companies:

Hytec South Africa

Hytec South Africa is Africa's hydraulics specialist. It services the mining, oil & gas, marine, metals, agriculture, construction and general industries across sub-Saharan Africa.

It has been a leading single-source hydraulics supplier since 1966.

Hytec Fluid Technology

Total fluid management solutions to industrial and mobile markets is the hallmark of HFT. Brands include Hydac, Hy-pro, Bosch Rexroth, Baldwin and Fleetguard Filtration.

It contributes to the Group’s repairs and service offering and provides comprehensive fluid technology training.

Hytec Engineering

From small to super-sized, standard to specialised, Hytec Engineering is your end-to-end hydraulics cylinder specialist for mobile and industrial applications.

Its offering includes hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinder kits, hydraulic cylinder parts, cylinder service exchange and services.

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse

One of the largest distributors of hydraulics components in Southern Africa, HAW is a specialist supplier of products for mobile machinery.

The Group Company offers an expansive, high-quality product line of hydraulic hose and fittings components and hydraulic accessories.

Latest News:

Read more of the Group's latest news here.

Our hydraulic pump price is market competitive, available from Bosch Rexroth, hydraulic suppliers in your area.

Hydraulics Hose, Fittings & Mobile Hydraulics

We’ve got your hydraulic application covered.

Hose, Fittings & Adaptors: advanced technology helps guarantee high performance and efficiency.

Steel Tube & Fittings: hydraulic steel & stainless steel tubes for agriculture, industrial and construction.

KTR Drive Couplings & Bell Housings: couplings, brake systems, torque limiters, clamping sets, torque measuring and hydraulic components.

Mobile Hydraulic Range: gear pumps & gear motors, direct control valves & gear flow dividers.

Power Steering Orbitrols, Columns & Motors: provide enhanced control & reliability.

Tank Accessories: filler & air breathers, spin-on filters, visual level gauges, suction strainers and return filters.

Inline Valves & Hand Pumps: Inline mounted valves, hydraulic hand pumps & hydraulic ball valves.

Flange Blocks & Split Flanges: for heavy-duty hydraulics applications ranging between 3 000 & 6 000 psi.

Tie Rod Cylinders: sized from 50 – 100 mm with bore and stroke of up to 1 500 mm. Tailored stroke lengths on request.

Hydraulic Filtration Technologies

Industrial Filter Systems: Off line, oil transfer, transformer care and vacuum dehydration units that promote extended system longevity and efficiency with cleaner hydraulic fluid.

Filtration Electronics: Range provides highly accurate operation, reduced downtime and multiple cost benefits, and includes temperature transduces, level switches and pressure transduces.

Process Filtration: Stainless steel, in line, gas, and back flushing filtration and accessories, and clogging indicators. Suited to small, medium and heavy-duty hydraulic filtration requirement.

Mobile Filtration: Suited for use with heavy-duty vehicles and other industrial mobile applications, the range includes a range of hydraulic filters among others.

Hydraulic & Lube Filtration: Suction filters, breathing filters and filter clogging indicators, among others, that prevent hydraulic fluid contamination and ensure even running of your hydraulic system.

Condition Monitoring: keep hydraulic components, such as pumps, bearings and seals, in optimum condition with contamination monitoring equipment and portable data recorders.

Bosch Rexroth Africa Development supplies containerised hydraulics hose to workshops mining customers across Africa.

Set up in refurbished and branded shipping containers the workshops provide remote onsite hose and fittings services for all machinery and processes around the mine. They can also function as a Bosch Rexroth onsite mobile branch, from where we can offer comprehensive hydraulic services and maintenance.

Workshop services include hydraulics cylinder service exchange as well as providing services for, pumps, filtration systems, drives, valves, piston motors and hydraulic maintenance tools. We are also able to control and stock other hydraulics components on request, as yet another Bosch Rexroth value-added benefit.

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In your industry

Africa requires high levels of technical support and maximum uptime through quick maintenance and repair of hydraulics systems and components. For over 50 years, we have served the continent.

From the hydraulic systems controlling the sluice gates at Roseires Dam to the precise linear motion control of the world’s first fully automated forensic DNA system, we innovate customer-centric solutions for all of Africa’s industries: marine, mining, material handling, oil and gas, power generation, agriculture, automotive and general industry.

De Beers Marine, Namibia

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies supplied the total marine installations and maintains the hydraulics systems for offshore launching and mining vessels in Namibia. The Group and De Beers Marine have been working together for over 30 years.

Roseires Dam, Sudan

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies designed, manufactured and installed 12 large hydraulic cylinders providing 160 ton lifting force, hydraulic power packs and linkage systems with a complete electronic control system to replace the hydraulic systems for controlling water flow at the Roseires Dam, Sudan.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics

Compact hydraulics for manufacturing

The Bosch Rexroth range of compact, industrial hydraulics is used in production applications around the world, providing factories, warehouses and more with smart, reliable and precise hydraulic solutions.

Watch the video to learn more!

We are the only certified Bosch Rexroth Service Centre in Africa.

When you send in a Bosch Rexroth hydraulics component for service or repair, it will be configured according to the same precise quality standards as adhered to at the Bosch Rexroth facility in Lohr, Germany – ensuring you maintain the German-engineered standards of quality in Africa.

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies also offers a unique service exchange programme for repair of hydraulics cylinders, hydraulics pumps and hydraulics motors. This programme allows us to give you a replacement hydraulic pump or cylinder while we repair yours. This means that your system won’t come to a standstill when your hydraulic pump or cylinder receives top class repairs and maintenance assisting you in meeting your production targets.

Click here to read more about our Service Exchange Programme.

Looking for hydraulic cylinders for sale? Bosch Rexroth is the hydraulics company close to you.

It's in our DNA

Hydraulics is a fundamental part of what we do. With over 50 years’ experience in delivering state of the art hydraulic solutions, we apply an unparalleled level of expertise to every detail of your hydraulic system. This ensures that your fluid power systems are geared for maximum performance and efficiency, from top to bottom.

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies is Africa’s largest fluid technology, power and automation company. They are recognised as a leader in design technology, manufacture, installation, service and repair for total mobile and industrial hydraulic solutions.

Our range of hydraulic systems cater for any application, from highly complex hydraulic systems specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of local and international customers, to simple hydraulic systems and hydraulic system components that are fit for purpose.

With experience spanning all industries, including mining, mobile and industrial applications, along with a deep knowledge of the African markets, we ensure our customers intelligent solutions that are networked to be future proof.

Find a hydraulics store near you:

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies has 35 branches across Africa in a distribution and support network that strategically covers industrial centres across the continent.

We’ve established our African presence over 50 years of excellence, constantly adding to our product portfolio which includes 28 international hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands. Now these are available right on your doorstep!

An extensive and comprehensive stockholding enables Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies to immediately replace damaged or worn hydraulic pumps to avoid waiting for lengthy repairs. Your system won’t come to a standstill while your hydraulic pump receives top-class repairs or maintenance.

Our wide network enables us to offer fast support response and service, maximising our customers’ uptime, while also ensuring quick turnaround times.

Through Hytec Services Africa, the Group has strategic representation in Angola, Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the 5 basic components of a hydraulics system?

A hydraulics system is divided into five parts - power components, actuating components, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil.

  • The required power components are your hydraulics pumps used to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
  • Hydraulics cylinders and hydraulics motors are the actuating components. They are used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
  • The control components consist of your hydraulics valves, which are used to control oil pressure, flow direction and flow velocity. For this reason there are the 3 valve types – pressure control valves, hydraulic flow control valves and directional control valves.
  • Fuel tanks, oil filters, oil pipes and hydraulic pipe joints, hydraulic seals, pressure gauges, oil level oil temperature gauges, among others, make up your auxiliary components.
  • Hydraulic oil is required to ensure the hydraulic system works – it is the medium that transfers energy in a hydraulic system.

What are some examples of a hydraulics system?

Hydraulics systems are used in almost all industrial industries. Examples of how they are used real life are:

  • Hydraulic lifts: used in automobile, shipping, waste removal, and construction applications.
  • Hydraulic brakes: Cylinders, lines, pads, brake fluids, and rotor are the components used for the hydraulic braking system.
  • Hydraulic steering: Hydraulic control valve, pinion gear, pressure/return lines, hydraulic piston, and rack housing are the primary components used for hydraulic power steering.
  • Hydraulic jacks: Includes bottle jacks and floor jacks and consists of a cylinder and pumping system for storing and transferring hydraulic fluid.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers: used to absorb and dampen shock impulses, they are developed using cylinders with hydraulic oil and a piston.
  • Heavy equipment: Typical applications include bulldozers, backhoes, log splitters, shovels, loaders, forklifts and hydraulic cranes.
  • Aeroplanes: Hydraulics are used in a number of places on aircraft, including adjusting wings, retraction and extension of landing gears, opening/closing of doors, brakes, steering.

How many types of hydraulics are there?

There are 2 types of hydraulics that support equipment.

  • Open center system: Fluid circulates from the reservoir, through the pump and the selector valves, and back to the reservoir. There is no hydraulic pressure in the system when the actuating mechanisms are idle.
  • Closed center system: This system always has fluid under pressure when the pump is operational. Although, when pressure increases to predetermined value, the load is automatically removed from the pump by a pressure regulator or the integral control valve of the variable volume pump.

What types of hydraulic pumps are there?

There are gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps.

  • Hydraulic gear pumps: These pumps have few parts and provide higher speeds, usually up to 3 000 -6 000 rpm
  • Piston pumps: These are designed to handle very large flows at high hydraulic system pressures. They are used in mobile and construction equipment, marine, offshore and industrial
  • Vane pumps: These pumps operate at a constant flow, providing the advantage of produce less noise while maintaining a high speed.

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