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Settima lubrication pumps are used across the world's mobile and industrial markets.


Lifts & Elevators

Undisputed European leader in the elevator sector with over 40 years experience in home & industrial lifts, elevators, hydraulically operated platforms and car parking systems.

Energy & Power

Continuous technological innovation aimed at providing quality products & high energy savings. Ideal for turbines & compressors, wind turbines, burners & wind turbines gearboxes.

Oil & Gas

Three screw pumps for transfer, circulation & mixing of clean fluids with lubricating properties, at low, medium & high viscosity; and the Settima SMAPI series, designed in compliance with API676 regulations.

Plastic Injection

Several Plastic Injection Molding Machines (PIMMs) are available, covering low-pressure applications, medium-pressures up to 40 bar, and another ideal for power hydraulics systems of plastic injection machines.


Presses need to operate at very high pressures and possibly high flows, often without noise barriers. The Continuum® pump is a no-noise, low-pulsations helical rotor pump that reduces noise pollution.

Machine Tools

Meet all the needs of machine tools. Easily support coolant fluids up to 4 cSt at 100 bar, water/glycol emulsions, mineral & synthetic oils & cutting fluids. The SMT and Continuum® meet challenges posed by high-pressure applications.

Compressor & Rotating Equipment

Increase the pressure of a compressible process fluid. Both Settima Continuum® & three screw pumps are suitable for virtually any machine that uses lubricating fluids.


Providing for the needs of yachts, ships of different types & sizes, up to the biggest cargo container ship, with products tested for a long life cycle, low running costs and maintenance.


Garbage Trucks

Settima Continuum® helical gear pumps are suitable for application in the auxiliary hydraulic circuits of most of mobile waste treatment and recycling equipment.

Agricultural Machines

High pressure & high-speed performance in heavy-duty cycles & the absence of vibration means the Continuum® pump series responds to the needs of agricultural machines.

Material Handling

The technical features of Continuum® pump, high pressure, low noise, compact design, are ideally suited for application in forklift power units for tilting, lifting & steering operations.

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Continuum® pumps are used in the hydraulic circuits of steering systems on electric/hybrid buses & other passenger vehicles. No-noise technology contributes to driver, passenger & environment comfort.


Advanced, safe, reliable & efficient solution for major mining equipment like dump trucks, drilling machines, , conveyors, etc. High pressure, high-speed performance means Continuum® pumps respond to mining machine requirements.

Truck Hydraulics

Pumps for oil, fuel oil, fluid transfer & lubrication applications for trucks’ hydraulic systems. Suited for dynamic hydraulics motion & control applications like stabilisers & steering, lifting, tilting systems, etc.

About Settima

Inventors of Continuum® technology and designers and manufacturers of high-performance, silent, hydraulic three-screw pumps.

The Continuum® range of helical rotor external gear pumps is the first no-noise and no vibrations pump for high pressure and high-speed applications.

Settima’s engineering department is equipped with cutting-edge design tools, allowing the company to develop special projects and customised solutions.

Product reliability is guaranteed on these types of lubrication pumps, which is achieved via innovative equipment and procedures for quality control.

Your total fluid management specialist

Supplying the highest-quality filtration brands to the African market, including Hydac, Hy-Pro, Bosch Rexroth, Baldwin, Bühler Technologies, Fleetguard Filtration and Settima Lubrication Pumps, HFT provides total fluid management solutions to the industrial and mobile equipment sectors.

  • Hydraulic/Lube Filtration
  • Filter Systems
  • Hydraulic Electronics
  • Hydraulic Coolers
  • Hydraulic Accumulators
  • Hydraulic Accessories
  • Mobile Filtration
  • Process Filtration

The Technology of Silence

In 2001 Settima invented a new range of helical rotor external gear pumps which became famous with the trademark Continuum®, the first NO NOISE and NO VIBRATIONS pump for high pressure and high-speed applications. Its revolutionary concept is internationally patented. The Continuum® pump is the benchmark in key industrial and mobile applications.

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