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The IndraLogic PLC system families:

IndraLogic XLC

The XLC PLC system provides the basis for intelligent automation of production tools and systems, with cutting-edge control hardware and numerous extension options.

Using the Sercos III Ethernet communications protocol, operators can realise real-time I/O signal processing and communication with peripherals for maximum performance. The XLC range includes 4 PLC system products with varying computing and performance abilities, with each system incorporating synchronised motion control function.

  • Support 2 to 4 function modules
  • User memory: 12 – 36 MB
  • Advanced on-board diagnostics and settings
  • Time for 1 000 command mix instructions: 5 – 35 μs

IndraLogic L

Compact construction with terminal technology for simple DIN rail mounting means the IndraLogic L is suitable in any automation environment.

These high-performance PLC systems offer comprehensive functions with several interfaces. Scalable with easy expansion function modules, together with no wearing parts such as batteries and fans ensures the L series PLC system will be a mainstay of your automation architecture.

  • PLC system support up to 4 function modules
  • User memory: 4 – 24 MB
  • Mix of display LED and key diagnostics and settings
  • Time for 1 000 command mix instructions: 50 – 150 μs

IndraLogic V

These PC-based PLC systems are established on IndraControl hardware in different performance classes. Their highly robust device technology is well-suited to industry environments.

A range of operating systems and HMI solutions can be used with the IndraLogic V PLC system as required by your drive and control operation.

  • User memory: 24 – 48 MB
  • SoftPanel on-board diagnostics and settings
  • Time for 1 000 command mix instructions: 5 – 15 μs

Open Core Engineering

Through the convergence of digital and mobile technologies, Bosch Rexroth PLC systems incorporate the possibilities of open and dynamic communication of mobile devices to industrial automation.

This means that the traditional role offered by HMI and SCADA interfaces will be replaced by a remote, application-based interface that allows customers to quickly develop custom solutions through their PLC systems to suit their requirements.

Customers can also programme PLC systems with commonly used high-level languages on all standard operating systems.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a PLC system?

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial computer control system designed to monitor and control different electro-mechanical processes in a range of automation and manufacturing environments. The PLC continuously monitors the inputs and then controls the processing or manufacturing outputs based on its programming.

What are PLC systems used for?

PLC's are used to control a wide variety of automated processes and machines, from motors and pumps in a manufacturing plant, to factory assembly lines and elevator lift systems.

What are the main components of a PLC?

PLC panels generally comprise the following main components: the central processing unit (CPU); the input/output (I/O) interfaces and the programming device. The PLC requires power supply to operate.

The CPU is the “brain” of the PLC, since it contains the programming software, memory and communication system required to understand and store the programming carried out on the programming device (as well as other data). The I/O sends information to and from the CPU.

How do PLC systems work?

The CPU reads the input and output signals it receives via the I/O. It relies on its programming to evaluate those input and output signals, and then updates these as required, to execute the programmed instructions.

What are the different types of PLC?

The 2 main types of PLCs are modular and fixed (also knowns as compact or integrated). Modular PLCs are more flexible since they can be made up of multiple I/Os and CPUs (and these items can be added or removed, as required). Fixed, compact or integrated PLCs are those designed and set by the manufacturer.

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