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Our Filtration Technology Brands

HYDAC offers the latest in filtration technology and products, from pressure switches and filter elements to complete systems, to increase your hydraulic application’s performance and reliability.

HYDAC’s precise and high-quality products make them ideal for use across industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

HYDAC offers a range of reliable digital hydraulic pressure switch.

Get an adjustable water pressure switch from Buhler Technologies.

Bühler Technologies is a renowned specialist for level and temperature control, coolers, filtration, and gas analysis. Its product range includes filtration pressure switches that offer easy installation and maintenance, as well as high precision, high sensitivity and compact designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a filtration pressure switch do?

These deliver pressure control in fluid management and fluid filtration systems. They control the electrical supply to the systems’ pump mechanisms, in response to pressure changes, to ensure the proper volume of fluid transfer and safe operation.

What is differential pressure in filtration?

This is the difference in fluid pressure between a filter’s inlet and outlet.

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