Servo Valve specifications

  • Nominal size: (NG) 25, 32, 50
  • Unit series: 1X
  • Maximum working pressure: P, A, T, X, Z 315 bar
  • Nominal flow rate: Qnom 65...750 l/min


  • Pilot operated servo solenoid valves NG25 to NG50
  • Design: cartridge type, 3/2-way symbol Metering edges P–A / A–T
  • Control spool with anti-rotation element and metering edges in servo quality
  • Pressure-tight up to 315 bar
  • Pilot line A–X generally required
  • Dynamic return (B–Z) possible with the NG25 and NG50
  • With inductive position transducer, position-controlled by the external pilot valve and the valve electronics
  • Pilot valve mounted externally on valve block
  • Hysteresis < 0.1 %, scarcely measurable
  • Flow characteristic: M = progressive with fine metering edge
  • Plug-in connector for inductive position transducer (4P) included in scope of delivery
  • Employed in electrohydraulic closed-loop controllers in production and testing systems
View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
3-Way Servo Valves