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Servo Valve specifications

  • Size: 6
  • Unit series: 2X
  • Maximum working pressure: P, A, B 315 bar, T 250 bar
  • Nominal flow: 2...40 l/min (Δp 70 bar)


  • Directly operated servo solenoid directional control valve, with control piston and sleeve in servo quality
  • Actuated on one side, 4/4 fail-safe position when switched off
  • Electrical position feedback and on-board electronics (OBE), calibrated at the factory
  • Electrical connection 6P+PE Signal input differential amplifier with interface A1 ±10 V or interface F1 4...20 mA (Rsh = 200 Ω)
  • Used in electrohydraulic controllers in production and testing systems
View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
4/4 Servo Valves 315 Bar