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Settima SMAPI Pumps are dry screw pumps designed and manufactured in accordance with API 676 regulations and also suitable for marine fuels, ensuring high performance, reliability and very low acoustic emissions and pulsations.

The three screws rotate inside the pump body to avoid axial load. The functional balances the hydrodynamic force on the screws, while at the same time, lubricating and cooling down the sealing ports.

The required torque is transmitted hydraulically by the pumped fluid, resulting in no wear of the rotating screws. Installed cartridges can be removed without disconnecting the pump from the system.

Benefits include:

  • Customised for flow and pressure requirements.
  • Available for high flow ranges (up to 4 900 L/min).
  • External casing, either ASME carbon steel and stainless steel, is determined by installation requirements.
  • Internal cartridge can be manufactured in cast iron or aluminium.
  • Screws are made according the fluid handled.
  • For Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore and Power Gen industrial sectors.


Settima SMAPI NC Pumps are API 676 compliant. In the SMAPI NC pump, the three screws run directly in a carbon steel casing, which eliminates internal coating as well as the need for external casing.

No flat gaskets are used but only O-ring seals to avoid the risk of leakage. As the drive screws turn, the fluid is shifted and constantly conveyed to the pumps discharge port, creating a constant flow rate regardless the pumping pressure.

This method of operation delivers smooth, constant fluid flow with low noise and high levels of energy efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Wide range of flows, pressures, fluid types and viscosities
  • High volumetric efficiencies
  • Low mechanical vibration for a longer service life
  • Intrinsically smooth and quiet operation
  • High tolerance for entrained air
  • Extremely low pulsation reduces stress and prolongs life of other associated components