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Channel Flow®

The design of this filter occupies 50% of the space of regular filters, meaning an easier installation process in increasingly constricted interiors, yet, with a larger media area, delivers twice the contaminant capacity of traditional filters. The fully enclosed frame prevents air entering through the filter walls and protects the media during installation. The non-metal filter element allows for more environmentally friendly disposal and is fully incinerable.

Extreme Performance Air Filters

Designed for high dust environments, these filters feature ProTura nanofibers bonded to cellulose media, delivering unequalled performance, particularly at the submicron level, meaning higher initial efficiency for greater engine protection and life and greater capacity for extended replacement intervals. The filter ejects its trapped contaminants: as the contaminants cake the media surface application vibration loosens the matter, which then falls from the media to the bottom of the housing. The contaminants are then removed by the housing dust ejector.

Radial Seal Air Filters

With a heavy-duty urethane radial seal gasket and end cap, Baldwin’s radial seal filters are extremely durable and do not degrade under environmental and application stress while PermaPleat® technology retains the integrity of the filtration media. Its flexible outer edges permit deflection which assists with installation. Exceeding OEM specifications, the Baldwin Radial Seal air filter are the best choice as the aftermarket replacement for popular applications.