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Flexible planning and rapid commissioning thanks to intelligent solutions

  • The modular design of VarioFlow plus chain conveyor systems allows you to configure a wide variety of combinations to match your application
  • Free selection of the motor mounting position on site
  • Fewer screwed connections saves time during installation
  • Sliding surfaces do not need to be treated, saving you time on installation
Optimal work conditions thanks to smooth running and easy maintenance

  • Minimal operating noise thanks to the improved sliding properties and low friction materials enhances working conditions of your assembly line floor
  • Longer service life and reduced downtimes due to fewer joints and rolling friction in the horizontal curves
Simple and fast project planning with MTpro

  • MTpro software simplifies the design of your assembly line for optimal performance
  • Intuitive functionality with high planning security
  • Save time and money throughout the entire procurement process
  • Automated order lists and links to product catalogues and assembly instructions
Application-oriented expansions

  • Attractive ESD system prevents electrostatic charging – suitable for sensitive electronics production applications
  • Compact clean section profile in stainless steel and stainless steel slide rails, for use in difficult environments
  • Use with workpiece pallet system for interlinking machines

Achieve efficient horizontal and vertical transport of individual products and workpieces with Bosch Rexroth. Contact Bosch Rexroth today!

The ultimate conveyor system for packaging and assembly lines

With endless customisation and design possibilities, VarioFlow plus provides smart solutions for all floor handling and transfer applications, and is the ideal solution for almost any assembly or primary, secondary and final packaging line.

VarioFlow plus ensures precise transport – directly on the chain or on a workpiece pallet. The workpiece pallet conveyor systems can be supplemented with the RFID system for identification, data storage, and material flow control.

View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
Chain Conveyor Systems