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Slewing Cranes With Aluminium Crane Rail

Easy to move, flexible and safe, Schmalz slewing cranes are versatile and can be combined with a chain hoist, rope hoist, rope balancer or chain hoist with lifting device. This allows for ease of movement and maximum ergonomic operation. It has a load-bearing capacity of up to 650 kg and come in two variants – column-mounted and wall-mounted.

Column-mounted: Our slewing crane, when installed on a column, has a pivoting angle of 270° and can be installed as a free-standing system too.
Wall-mounted: Attaching the slewing crane to an existing column or wall provides a pivoting angle of 180°.

Slewing Cranes and Crane Systems With Steel Crane Rail

Slewing cranes and crane systems distributed by Tectra Automation are extremely reliable under heavy loads, and are required as soon as a load exceeds 650 kg. They can be combined with a chain hoist, rope hoist, rope balancer or chain hoist with lifting device. Should it be required, an electrical drive can be installed to facilitate crane movements. These can be either column-mounted or wall-mounted and both versions have a jib length of up to 6000 mm.

Column-mounted: Our column-mounted version has a swivel angle of approximately 270° and the lower edge of the jib is 2600 mm, but the crane column can be extended when necessary.

Wall-mounted: The wall-mounted version has innovative attachments, and a swivel angle of approximately 180°.

Schmalz, via Tectra Automation, has several product variations enabling its clients to pair with the best crane or crane system solution

Aluminium crane systems SRA have a lift capacity of 700 kg, ergonomic operation, and a favourable weight-load ratio ensures heavy loads are handled effortlessly. These crane systems have a functional design; intelligent configuration; unique carrying hooks; fixed/variable end stops; sealing plates; and line trolleys.

Slewing cranes with aluminium crane rail are easy to move, flexible and safe.

Aluminium Jib Cranes

Our aluminium jib cranes are designed for ergonomic and efficient load-handling, have a lift capacity of 650 kg and are available in column-mounted or wall-mounted variations.
The column-mounted jib crane SK is fitted with anchors for floor mounting with additional intermediate plates, and for easy transport using a forklift or pallet truck, mobile base plates are an optional extra. For floor mounting, this column-mounted jib crane is fitted with anchors without additional intermediate plates.

The wall-mounted jib crane WK has the same jib boom as the column-mounted jib cranes and is mounted using a wall bracket or clasp bracket.
Tectra Automation also provides Schmalz crane solutions for confined spaces. These include:

  • Flat jibs for low ceilings
  • Articulated arm-jibs to move around obstacles
  • Telescopic jibs for confined working areas

A wireless power supply for crane systems is offered as an accessory, and chain hoists, with a lift capacity of up to 2 000 kg, are also available upon request.
View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
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