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Full-flow Filtration and Synthetic Media

This system filters the full amount of oil that then lubricates, cools and seals critical engine components. The latest generation is StrataPore™ media – the first truly extended service media. It is multi-layered with each layer providing varying degrees of finer micron rating which minimises flow restriction, in turn providing much greater capacity.

By-pass Filtration and Stack Disk Media

By-pass filters provide longer engine life by removing the finer wear causing dust contaminants, and can assist for sludge removal too. As pleated paper bypass filters do not meet fine contaminant removal requirements and are easily plugged by sludge, we developed stack disc media specially designed for bypass filtration. Made from compressed cellulose with a patented cut out design, no resins are required. Dust is removed and stack disc absorbs sludge from the oil.

Combo Lube Filters

Incorporating the full-flow and by-pass filters in one unique spin on ‘combo’ design results in the Combo Lube Filter with Synthetic and Stack Disc Media. By using StrataPore™ media in the full-flow section and stack disc media in the bypass section, one combo filter can outperform the standard two filter configuration. This provides many benefits, including:

  • High efficiency and capacity StrataPore™ full flow media with great cold flow ability
  • High efficiency stack disc media with sludge removal ability
  • Fewer filters to change, decreasing service time
  • Fewer filters to inventory
  • Fewer filters to dispose of

One of the solutions is the VenturiTM Combo System - an improvement on the StrataPore™ technology which allows the lube system to perform up to four times as long and remove up to three times the contaminants as a full synthetic filter.