Aquamicron® and Combined Betamicron® Aquamicron® advantages

HYDAC filter elements provide a number of advantages over competitor products, a few of them include:

Aquamicron® Filter Elements

  • Separates water from mineral oils,HFD-R oils and biodegradable oils
  • Can be installed in all HYDAC filter housing from size 330/331 upwards
  • Solid particle contaminants are also separated from the hydraulic medium

Combined Betamicron® Aquamicron® Filter Elements

  • Achieves absolute filtration of solid particles while extracting water
  • High water retention capacity
  • Absolute filtration rating

Stat-Free® Element Technology

HYDAC developed an innovative and effective solution, which inhibits electrostatic discharge in the filter element, and significantly reduces the charge in the oil – the Stat-Free® series of elements.

Stat-Free® elements have a new type of filter mesh-pack and element design to enable unrivalled low charge generation of the filter element and the fluid in system operation.

They are particularly suitable for applications in power plants, gas turbines, plastic injection moulding machines and mobile hydraulics. In fact, they are suitable for any hydraulic and lubrication system which uses new low conductivity oils.

Filter Elements for use in HYDAC Filters

The filter element performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the filter housing, and consists of several pleated filtration and support layers placed as a cylinder around or inside the support tube. Filter elements for use in HYDAC filters , offered through HFT, are:

  • Return line filter elements R
  • Return line filter elements RN
  • Pressure filter elements D
  • Pressure filter elements DN
  • Pressure filter elements MX (MFX filters)
  • Return line filter elements RK (RKM filters)
  • Suction filter elements RS (suction filters)

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