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Personalising and using LMD

Linear Motion Designer now fits seamlessly into the engineering tool environment from Bosch Rexroth with a standard look and feel. Programmers need to use the ‘User Experience’ development approach from software development. They can then integrate the elements into the user interface that users are familiar with on their own devise. This makes it easier to use as well as providing additional information for all steps and entries.

The tool also provides instructions for optimum dimensioning. When dimensioning the mechanical components for linear movements, users must first enter processes data like dynamics, masses and forces, and they can also specify the required lifecycle.

The Linear Motion Designer has also features calculations that round off reliable dimensioning – algorithms assess the maximum drive torque at the screw journal as well as the load rating of the end bearing. This prevents mistakes in the selection process and under design. Once dimensioning is complete, users will have also already technically checked the drive train dimensions.

The LMD is an integral part of the digital engineering and procurement chain from Rexroth. Once dimensioning is complete, users can skip straight to the configurator to obtain a CAD model. All data is automatically saved and does not need to be re-entered.