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MTpro Light

MTpro light is exclusively determined to the layout planning function in manual production systems, and offers a quick introduction to Rexroth’s layout planning software for assembly technology at no cost.

  • Layout Designer for planning and design of complete frames and conveyor systems with CAD system
  • Generate order lists
  • Send requests for quotes to Rexroth sales contacts
  • Multilingual content and graphical user interface: switch between 6 languages at run-time

the communication interface from the Bosch group is versatile.

MTpro Man

The ManModel function in MTpro makes designing ergonomic workstations easier via simulation. Using ‘ManModels’, the planning software adapts designs for individual workers, taking into account the perfect reach zone, the right distance to equipment and the ideal angle of vision.

The software offers female and male models in short, medium and tall sizes, and designers can configure them in seated, standing or walking positions. ‘Model’ body joint angles can be individually adjusted and several fields of view and reach zones can be simulated.

The Layout Designer’s intuitive operating concept enables users to create complex designs and equipment layout in a short time. The Layout Designer user can also:

  • Place ManModel automatically on work chairs
  • See the workplace from the workers’ perspectives
  • Export the complete 3D scene including the ManModel to CAD

Models can be placed on swivel work chairs for motion simulation.