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MS2N synchronous servo motors

The new-generation MS2N motors from Bosch Rexroth combine high power dynamics with a compact design and excellent energy efficiency.

With a single, practical cable connection, the MS2N saves space, weight, costs and time of installation, and can be flexibly integrated into your industrial automation application. Self-cooled, forced ventiliation and water-cooled motors are available as required by your application. Rotors with low and medium inertia are available with optimum mass customisation.

Used within the Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive control architecture, the MS2N servo motor offers a reliable sensor and data source with real-time processing capabilities.

  • Max. torque of up to 360 Nm
  • Max. rotational speeds up to 9 000 rpm
  • Single-cable connection for reduced installation effort
  • Motor options with forced ventilation and water cooling
  • New encoder option with certified safety up to SIL3 PLe
MS2E synchronous servo motors

With a practical single-cable connection, more torque and reliable encoder technology, the new generation of MS2E motors offer maximum dynamics and safety in ATEX applications up to equipment group II and equipment category 3 for dust and gas.

The self-cooling motors in this series offer overlapping torque ranges with maximum torques of up to 119 Nm. Thanks to the reliable high-resolution single or multi-turn encoders in SIL2 PLd as well as the optional holding brake or feather key, the MS2E synchronous servo motor range is ideal for customised drive solutions in all potentially explosive areas.

  • Max. torque from 3.8 tp 120 Nm
  • Max. speed: 6 000 to 9 000 rpm
  • ATEX Gr. II, Cat. 3G/3D, PT1000
  • Safe single-turn and multi-turn encoders in SIL2/PLd
  • With or without holding brake
MSK synchronous servo motors

MSK servo motors provide a wide power spectrum and narrow size increments. They offer high torque density with a compact design that achieves max. torque of 631 Nm and max. speeds of 9 000 rpm.

The MSK is available in self-cooled, forced ventilation and water-cooled versions as required by your application. An ATEX option as per directive 94/9/EC is also available for zones with flammable gas (Ex II 3G Ex nA T155°C Gc X) and flammable dust (Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIC T155°C Dc IP6X X).

Depending on the level of precision required, we can supply the motors with encoder systems for standard or high-precision requirements in single and multi-turn configurations. A number of further options, such as the shaft keyway, holding brake and reduced runout are also available.

  • Compact and powerful
  • Max. torque up to 631 Nm
  • Max. speed up to 9 000 rpm
  • Encoder systems for a wide and diverse range of applications
  • High protection category IP65
  • Choice of cooling systems
MKE synchronous servo motors

Bosch Rexroth’s MKE motors are designed for use in production plants susceptible to explosive mixtures of air and flammable gases, vapours, mist or dust.

The range includes various motor sizes with flameproof enclosures, all ATEX certified and/or UL/CSA compliant. Optional extras such as holding brakes, keyway and single- or multi-turn encoder systems are available.

These synchronous motors are certified in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC ATEX95 (II 2 Gd IIB T4 or II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6x T135°C) and Class I, Groups C and D as per UL508C, UL674 and UL1446

  • Max. torque: 187 Nm
  • Max. motor speeds: 9 000 rpm
  • Encoder systems for a wide and diverse range of applications
  • Pressure-resistant encapsulation
  • Compliance with ATEX and UL/CSA

MSM synchronous servo motors

Synchronous MSM servo motors are available in five sizes rated at up to 750 W continuous mechanical power. These motors pack a high power density into a compact, short-length and robust construction, with minimised flange dimensions that make them ideal in diverse automation applications with limited space.

These IP54-rated motors come with an absolute encoder and optional holding brake. They are for use with the IndraDrive Cs servo drives with 3 AC 230 V power.

  • Torque from 0.95 to to 7.1 Nm
  • Motor speed 4 500 – 5 000 rpm
  • Multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Dynamic motor performance
  • High power density
Bosch Rexroth: Your partner in factory automation

Bosch Rexroth´s comprehensive synchronous servo motor range delivers ultimate performance results, with a variety of types, designs and capacities proven across the world’s factories.

In combination with the IndraDrive servo drive system, our robust motors provide an intelligent, highly dynamic, precise and reliable solution for both standard and high-end applications in modern factory automation.

Special explosion-proof versions according to ATEX or UL/CSA complete the extensive portfolio.

Tectra Automation is a Bosch Rexroth company and supplies, supports and services the complete range of Bosch Rexroth synchronous servo motors in sub-Saharan Africa.

View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
Synchronous Servo Motors (Indradyn S)