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Why use Schmalz vacuum handling systems?

The VacuMaster has a modular design, which means that various basic modules, operator handles, load beams and suction plates allow operators to customise the configuration.

The suction force is generated by the vacuum generator and transferred to the workpiece via the suction plates. A chain hoist, also available from Tectra Automation, is required for the lifting and lowering motions of the lifting device.

The VacuMaster from Schmalz is distributed, installed and serviced in South Africa by Tectra Automation.

VacuMaster Variants

The product range, comprising 4 VacuMaster standard variants and 7 specialised variants, features the latest effciency-enabling technologies for reduced running costs.Standard Variants are:

VacuMaster Vario:

With maximum lifting capacity of 2 000 kg, this vacuum lifting device is designed for loading and off-loading machines with large-format metal sheets and plates. Solutions for heavier loads are available

VacuMaster Comfort:

This version also has a lifting capacity of 750 kg but includes an operator handle that brings together all of the devices’ controls, as well as the controlled vacuum generator for reduced energy consumption.

VacuMaster Eco:

This has been designed for horizontal handling of solid workpieces up to 1 000 kg and offers secure and smooth vacuum handling.

The VacuMaster Eco is a modular lifting device with a piston system for vacuum generation. An external power supply is unnecessary and the variant comes with a battery-operated warning device and a battery test function.

VacuMaster Basic:

With a lifting capacity of 750 kg, its versatile standard equipment makes the VacuMaster Basic indispensable for many applications. Some of its features include a motor protection switch, operator handle and emergency-stop function for the chain hoist.

Specialised variants comprise

VacuMaster Window:

For vertical handling of windows, glass sheets and glass
Components up to 600 kg, this variant has an operator handle with a manual slide valve to begin and end the vacuum and the manual rotation unit allows 90° turn to the left or right.

VacuMaster Multi:

Designed for handling large heavy wooden boards, either solid or porous, this variant can be used forgypsum fibre, gypsum plaster board and plastic sheets up to 400 kg. It has an audible warning device and allows for ergonomic working at any height

VacuMaster Coil:

Specifically made for handling coils and slit strips for thin and ultra-thin sheet metal, steel, stainless steel,metal foils, tin plates and aluminium up to 1 000 kg. Continuous swivelling up to 90° is an advantage, as is the exact positioning and safe coil gripping.

VacuMaster Box:

Ideal for turning sealed metal units weighing as much as 250 kg, such as safe’s, air conditioners, large household appliances and, for example, control cabinets, upside down or flipping them over. A fold away arm allows for easy loading and release of the material.

VacuMaster HHVM:

This allows for damage free vertical handling of wooden boards and 90° swivelling of workpieces. VacuMaster HHVM can be used for removing wooden boards from upright storage and loading and unloading vertically, up to 200 kg. Coated and uncoated wooden and plastic boars and sheets are also easily controlled.

VacuMaster VHB:

This variant has an electric vacuum pump with high suction capacity for handling narrow workpieces such asplanks, boards and beams with a minimum width of 120 mm up to 500 kg.

A reliable manual slide valve to switch the vacuum on or off and two rectangular suction plates ensure the long boards are secure for handling.


A number of accessories to assist in solutions such as large height differences, secure storage, quick electrical connections, water protection, and more are available from Tectra Automation.

Consistent customer service and ground-breaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence make Schmalz, available in South Africa through Tectra Automation, part of the Hytec Group of Companies, the world's leading partner for vacuum technology in automation, handling and clamping applications.

VacuMaster Light:

Designed for handling mainly solid small- to medium-sized workpieces weighing up to 100 kg. This model’s versatility means it can be used in processes such ascomponent assembly, packaging and machine loading, and its ergonomic operation and low weight allows for long work periods without fatigue.

View the PDFs below for detailed specifications.
VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device