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The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies is a leading manufacture and assembly group in southern Africa. Each of the companies within the Group has its own specialised manufacturing and assembly departments.


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Hytec is our hydraulics manufacturer and supplies hydraulic systems from 0.5 kW to 2 000 kW, with flow rates from 0.5 to 4000 litres a minute. In addition,

Hytec manufactures and assembles ancillary equipment and is the only hydraulics company in South Africa with cylinder manufacturing capability for marine diamond mining. In addition,

Hytec is a recognised Bosch Rexroth Service Centre of Competence – the only company with this accreditation outside of the Bosch Rexroth Group of Companies and in Africa.

Hydraulic cylinders


Hytec Engineering’s manufacturing processes and the facilities they use are ISO 9001:200 compliant. The company manufactures mill-type and industrial cylinders up to 600 mm in diameter and up to 9 000 mm in length.

Its Tie Rod Cylinders are manufactured up to 2 inches in diameter and up to 1 000 mm in length. Cylinder kits are also available for site delivery. 

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Tectra Automation is responsible for the manufacture and assembly of pneumatic cylinders and panels, and offers customisation of linear guides and valves.

This company, which also provides electric drives and technology, linear technology, assembly technology and vacuum technology, offers turnkey machine building and installation as one of its services. It also stocks pneumatic cylinder kits.

Filtration technology


Fully assembled offline filtration systems tailored to customer specifications are provided by Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) ,as are tailored lubrication systems for nearly any machine type.

As the leading hydraulic filtration specialist in southern Africa, a complete, competitively priced range of pressure, spin on, return and suction filters is also available.


Hose and Fittings


Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse is the company in our Group responsible for assembling hydraulic hoses to customer specifications. The company also provides hose crimping and testing of hydraulic hoses.

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