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The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies combines vast application knowledge, best-of-breed products and state-of-the-art design and testing capabilities when it comes to planning and designing hydraulic, pneumatic and automation systems and machines.

Detailed studies, costings and design calculations


Through our specialist member companies, the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies is able to offer comprehensive planning and design services for hydraulics (Hytec); pneumatics, electric drives & technology, linear, assembly, and vacuum technology (Tectra Automation); filtration technology (Hytec Fluid Technology - HFT); hoses and fittings (Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse - HAW); hydraulic cylinders (Hytec Engineering); and hydraulic maintenance tools (Hytec).


These services include:


  • Computer and simulator design (Autodesk Inventor -  3D CAD)
  • Design reviews
  • Detailed manifold design
  • Detailed circuit diagrams
  • Total systems integration


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Hytec is the leader in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair for total mobile and industrial hydraulic solutions, and is Africa’s largest hydraulics specialist.


  • Detailed system design (circuit design, manifold designs, design reviews, etc.)
  • Collaborative design and consultation with various specialists
  • Project and sub-contractor management
Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse


Hoses & Fittings

Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) delivers high service levels and supplies an expansive, high-quality product line of hydraulic hose and fittings components and accessories for the southern African fluid power industry.


  • Design of mobile hydraulic kits for trailers and trucks
  • Hose and fittings specification per customer requirements


Tectra Automation


Pneumatics, Electric Drives & Technology, Linear Technology, Assembly Technology and Vacuum Technology 

Tectra Automation is a leader in the supply of automation solutions, providing leading technology, expertise and product support in the fields of pneumatic , electric and mechanical drive technology, and is an authorised distributor of Bosch Rexroth, Aventics (formerly Rexroth Pneumatics) and Exlar in southern Africa.

The company provides solutions to all industries, from food and beverage to heavy engineering.


  • Turn system requirements into detailed specifications and designs
  • Complete automation solution designs with best-of-breed components and software
  • Offer project and sub-contractor management
Hytec Fluid Technology


Filtration Technology

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), the leading hydraulic filtration solutions specialist in southern Africa, evaluates, designs and supplies complete filtration solutions for mobile and process applications and has a fully-fledged laboratory for in-house sampling and analysis of oil and fluids.

We distribute an extensive product range of pressure, spin on, return and suction filters, as well as exclusive fluid maintenance equipment and decontamination services.


  • Filtration requirement analysis
  • Tailored solution designs
  • Continuous supply agreements





Hydraulic Maintenance Tools

Hytec supplies a wide range of hydraulic maintenance tools manufactured by Power Team; a world leader in the manufacture of precision, high-quality hydraulic special service tools and equipment for the engineering and industrial markets.

They supply a range of industrial, mechanical and hydraulic pulling equipment, and a selection of hydraulic rams, pumps and workshop equipment.


  • Solutions designs with multiple tools for specialised projects
  • Assistance with solution specification, assembly and project delivery
Hytec Engineering 


Hydraulic Cylinders

Hytec Engineering provides solutions for most industries including mining, agriculture, mobile, marine, iron, steel and power generation.

We undertake the complete in-house design, manufacture, repair and testing of hydraulic cylinders.


  • Industrial cylinders designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) (with 3D modelling
  • Designs for nearly any cylinder requirements
  • Design traceability
  • Project planning


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