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With any new system comes the difficulty of understanding the operation and function of certain components within the system. This is exactly the gap that we bridge with system specific training.


The system specific training is aimed at making the understanding and service of the system as easy and effective as possible and is aimed at advancing the general knowledge of technicians. It is our firm belief that it will cut down time and service duration through understanding of the system and its various components. 

Benefits of System Specific Training


  • Better understanding of system
  • Easier identification of components through the use of schematics
  • Less down time during service and fault finding
  • Better understanding of system by technicians
System Specific Training Course Content


  • Reading machine specific schematics
  • Individual component function and application within the hydraulic system
  • Machine/system specific functionality
  • Basic fault finding techniques pertaining to the system
  • Basic Maintenance and good housekeeping of system

With the main focus on the customer, Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies will custom design a training programme, specific to your needs. We are able to provide comprehensive on site system specific training across the African continent.


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