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What goes into building an optimum vacuum handling system?

The degree of flexibility built into Schmalz’s gripping and handling systems designs means users can assemble and adapt a vacuum system to their needs, without any functional constraints. Here’s an overview of the role vacuum components play in the overall vacuum system:

  • The vacuum suction cups or special grippers act as the interface between the vacuum system and the workpiece.
  • Schmalz mounting elements ensure a fast and flexible connection of vacuum components to tooling systems.
  • Vacuum generators, together with ejectors, pumps and blowers, provide operators with centralised or decentralised vacuum generation.
  • Switches and monitoring systems are critical components in measuring and control, ensuring safe operations of the vacuum system.
  • Filters protect the vacuum generator from fine dust within the airflow. Hoses and connectors provide secure connection of the components within the system.
  • Valves control the vacuum flow and the centralised or decentralised compressed air.

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